EP – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: ‘Yan Wangye’ is jealous

Unavailable to answer the phone?

Mu Tianye’s fingers gripped the phone tightly as his tone instantly turned several points sharp.

“Why is her phone with you, what’s your relationship with her? You’d better answer my questions truthfully, otherwise… The consequences will be at your own risk!”


Xicheng raised his hand and hang up the phone.

Listening to the call ended tone, Mu Tianye’s brows wrinkled and his pair of inky eyes glowed with murderous intent.

He lifted a finger and with clenched teeth, pressed dial again.

Ning Xiaofei, you’d better give me a reasonable explanation, otherwise…

At the other end of the phone, Xicheng saw the words ‘Yan Wangye’ flashing on the screen and immediately pressed the end call button. He only turned on the phone to find out if the functions were still working.

If it was broken, he’ll just have to buy her one. He needn’t have to pay attention to her unreliable ‘friends.’

Xu Yang came over with the dinner and placed it on his desk. “Is the phone still working? I just heard a phone ringing.”

Xicheng raised a hand and handed him the mobile phone. “Early tomorrow morning, send her a computer and a phone. Right, and by the way, tell her I don’t owe anybody else!”

Xu Yang smiled and turned the phone off. “Don’t worry, I know what to do. It has been hard on you recording songs lately. If you have nothing else to do, you should rest early!”

The phone was again hung up which rendered Mu Tianye raging mad. He almost crushed the newly bought phone to pieces.

Zhou Tao noticed that his mood has gone sour so he turned around in trepidation.

“Chief Mu?”

Mu Tianye whose face has now turned iron blue squeezed out four words.

“Back to the apartment!”

That dead girl had better stayed in the apartment to give him an account, or else….

His fingers tightened once more and the new phone suddenly creaked and rattled.

Zhou Tao and the driver were both aware that something was wrong so they held their breath and dared not make a noise. The driver sped up on the express way in the direction of Lanting Apartment.

Inside the car, the atmosphere was depressing to death.

After more than half and hour’s drive, the car finally drove into the gate of Lanting Apartment and stopped in front of the unit building.

Without waiting for Zhou Tao to run over, Mu Tianye pushed the door open and angrily stepped out of the car.

Zhou Tao hurriedly unloaded his luggage from the trunk and rushed to catch up with him. He hasn’t taken several steps yet when he heard a man’s frosty voice.

“Get the hell out of here!”

“Yes, Chief Mu!”

Zhou Tao dared not provoke him some more so again hurried down the steps carrying the luggage back.

Looking at the man walking into the elevator, he raised his face to look upstairs and wiped a sweat for Ning Xiaofei.

For a moment, he sighed heavily before putting the luggage back in the truck and sat at the passenger seat again.

“Assitant Zhou…” He driver looked apprehensively at the apartment next to them, “Mr. Mu, he…. He’d be alright, right?”

Zhou Tao shook his head.


Even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute. The relationship between men and women has always been complex. In this situation where he wasn’t clear about, it wasn’t advisable to meddle.

The driver started the car and drove Assistant Zhou out of the apartment.

The elevator also carried Mu Tianye up to the top floor. He entered the door key upon arriving in front of the apartment and entered. The man marched into the living room simmering with anger.

“Ning Xiaofei, get out!”


A muffled sound from the kitchen was all that responded to his shout.

The sleeping Ning Xiaofei who whas lying on the table was awakened suddenly. Upon smelling the air, she quickly run to the stove and turned off the fire.

Since she unconsciously fell asleep, the fire has already boiled the porridge into dry rice. Now, it has become a batter and even the best pot wouldn’t withstand such pressure. The new pot was totally burnt and the bottom even melted.

With the porridge already burnt, Ning Xiaofei took the pot and threw it into the trash can. She just turned around when the kitchen door was kicked open by Mu Tianye.

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