Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Hands up, no need to thank me

The relationship between the four major families was quite thin. They may seem harmonious when in fact, behind the scenes, they were moving to better the other.

Right now, at the sight of Master Shui jumping like a clown, the others were gloating heartily.

That appearance could really choke anyone present to death due to laughter….

Looking at Master Shui’s current condition, Feng Chuge’s lips hooked up.

Her vision wandered and fell straightly at the cowering Shui Yuer.

The curvature of her lips deepened even more…

“Miss Shui, it seems you’re afraid of doing it yourself… Bt if you fail to do it, you would be violating the terms of the game and you’d carry the label dishonest. Since so, then I will help you this once…”

As soon as her words were finished, Feng Chuge waved her hand….

A strong air current suck a long sword fastened at the waist of a guard not far away.

The bright glint of the long sword shimmered as it flew.

When Shui Yuer saw Feng Chuge holding a long sword, Shui Yuer’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Her whole person shivered as she kept retreating.

Not allowing any move for her to dodge, Feng Chuge appeared before her in a flash.

Under the shimmering light, the dagger reflected dots of cold light…

With a swing of the sword, cold light flashed and crowd dared not to blink their eyes.

At the same time, Shui Yuer’s agonizing screamed could be heard…


After some time, Feng Chuge finally stopped her hand.

She threw away the sword in her hand and retreated two paces.

Examining her handiwork in front of her, she clapped her hands, “Hands up, Miss Shui, there’s no need to thank me!!”

In the air, the floral scent mixed with the thick smell of blood, pounced into the noses of the crowd.

The noisy crowd just a moment ago were once again silenced…

This woman….

She actually dared to ruin Miss Shui Yuer’s appearance?!

The Shui Yuer they were seeing at the moment was standing with blood dripping from her face.

The face that was originally as fair as flowers was now engraved with the word ‘waste’ spreading on both her cheeks.

The strength Feng Chuge exerted was considerable for the words were deeply engraved. The whiteness of her bones was even faintly visible…

It wasn’t that long since the banquet has started but now, this happened.

This turn of events was totally beyond everyone’s expectation.

The astonished crowd looked at Feng Chuge unceasingly.

Never had they thought that this rumored waste of a woman was actually so fierce!!

“Quickly, send Miss Shui to the infirmary.” The Emperor recovered from his enthusiasm and ordered.

His intention was simply to provoke a struggle between the families.

But at the situation right now, he didn’t know if his royal family would be dragged into it…

After all, Shui Yuer was injured in the palace.

With the Emperor’s decree, someone immediately came up to Shui Yuer and took her away for treatment.

However, everyone was in the know that her injuries under Feng Chuge’s heavy hands, except for a miracle medicine, nothing would be of help.

The beauty of this Shui Yuer was beyond redemption.

Feng Chuge’s eyes followed Shui Yuer, and her red lips swayed in an icy arc.

In spite of everyone’s horror, she lifted her feet and gently swayed to her seat.

When she returned to her seat, Zilan behind her could no longer conceal her excitement. “Miss, the punishment you’ve given her is too light! If it were me, I would have coated the sword with poison and let Shui Yuer’s face squirm bit by bit… By the way Miss, didn’t you refine this medicine not too long ago?”

When Feng Chuge heard Zilan’s bloodthirstiness, she gently raised a brow and reprimanded, “Zilan, how many times have I told. We are pacifists. How could you be so bloody and violent?”

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