TOCH – Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Didn’t expect him to care for her

Another action that blew Fang Chixia away.

Squinting at the arms surrounding her, she got lost in thought.

In the middle of the night, he came running bringing her food and also accompanying her for the night. When has he been so good?

This side of Luo Yibei has brought Fang Chixia a lot of surprises.

She couldn’t understand his current behaviors so she didn’t delve much into it.

She rested her head on his shoulder ready to close her eyes and sleep but at the thought of another matter, she tilted her head and looked behind them.

She was afraid of being caught if that old man decided to visit out of the blue, so she searched the ground cautiously.

Luo Yibei felt her restlessness and opened his eyes. He gave her a measured looked and said in his usual indifferent tone, “Rest assured, no one would get out of bed in the middle of the night and come running out just to see you.”

His usual way of talking has always been leaden with indifference, cold as the wind that has set off from an icy lake, rendering people with a feeling of cool heaviness.

Fang Chixia looked back at him and thought inwardly: Didn’t you come running in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?

She voiced nothing of it though.

She has always been one who knows how to restrain herself.

After another cautious look, she made sure that the old man has gone to bed. She didn’t push Luo Yibei away and naturally treated his shoulder as her pillow. She let him hold her and stare at her as she drifted off to sleep.

The villas of the Luo’s were relatively partial especially this old man’s villa. It was secluded probably for the convenience of the elder.

Except for the occasional chirping of the insects around the area, no other noise could be heard from the shrubs.

The night sky was clear and spotless allowing the millions stars to blink happily. Like diamonds that glitter in the Milky Way, they were sprinkled brightly all over.

Tonight’s night was the most beautiful night in Fang Chixia’s memory.

The starlight somehow gave birth to an inexplicable warmth, very warm….

Two nights of lack of sleep took a toll on Fang Chixia. Upon resting her head on Luo Yibei’s shoulder, she immediately fell asleep.

But after a few hours of sleep, the villa behind them slowly came to life.

First came a whimper from Harry, followed by mincing footsteps on the stairs.

Fang Chixia was stirred awake and her closed eyes blinked opened instantly. Before the villas door could even open, she lifted her head from Luo Yibei’s arms and jerked away from him.

Her movements were done speedily. One reason was so as not to be seen in an intimate position and another was in fear of the old man finding that she slept last night.

Forcefully opening her eyelids wide, she stood up and returned to her original punishment corner.

Luo Yibei’s eyes which were trained on her icily proved he was speechless but he couldn’t say anything.

A few seconds later, the door of the villa was knocked open after a series of clatter.

The Luo Family’s venerable elder stood majestically by the door and looked first at Fang Chixia who seemed to have remained standing with the semblance of remorse. He was quite satisfied with her performance.

His eyes then moved around and caught sight of Luo Yibei next to her who as sitting on the ground. Luo Yi’s brows wrinkled and asked with heavy sarcasm, “We’re you that idle today that you even came so early in the morning to greet this grandpa?”

“I was happy to.” Luo Yibei answered back. After dropping that cold retort, he stood up and entered the house.

Choosing a chair to sit down, his gaze again turned to Fang Chixia in the courtyard. While he was coming up with ideas to help free herself from her punishment, Luo Yi beat him to it. “Good job. Come in.”

Fang Chixia was still playing the ‘guilty of the crime’ so she obediently followed him into the house.

“Harry got sick because of you so you stay here today and continue taking care of him.”



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