EP – Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The consequences at your own peril!

“So…” Xicheng sat back on the chair. “You mean, I was wrong?”

“Of course…” Xu Yang snapped back to his senses midway through a tirade. He forced a smile and cajoled instead, “Of course it’s not your fault. It’s just… the way you dealt with everything wasn’t that good.”

Xicheng picked up the fine China teacup and took a sip and then put it down.

“Do I have a schedule for May Day?”

“You have an event with No. 4 Restaurant. I’ve already promised the young lady to go there after the event. At the end of the program, there won’t be much time left though.”

Xicheng gave a supercilious look, “I haven’t said I would attend the program.”

Dead girl, saying that he was rubbish… He couldn’t help but get angry whenever he thinks about it!



“Garbage, idiot, egomaniac!”

Stomping her way back into the apartment, Ning Xiaofei muttered while inserting inputting the key to the door.

Lifting a hand to massage the soreness from her temples, she places her backback on the floor, bend down to change her shoes and felt a burst of pain in her belly.

In the morning, she has only been focused on looking for Gu Xicheng. Ye Qiao has given her some buns. Counting the time at the front desk till now, she had not eaten anything yet.

When she slipped into the kitchen, she filled a pot with water and boiled a porridge. She then turned around and went back to collect her bag to the sofa.

She took out the broken computer and pressed the power on.

The computer turned on smoothly showing a flower flashing on the screen. There’d be no way the normal functions were still in use.

“So unlucky!”

She stretched a hand and closed the laptop in front of her.

She originally had thought that she’d be able to turn a new leaf at the column grew. Only  now did she find that everything has gone awry…

If this goes one, she won’t be able to keep a job!

Grabbing a throw pillow, she gathered it to her bosom and leaned against the sofa.

Calling to mind the porridge she was boiling in the kitchen, she got up and entered the kitchen once more. It has been boiling that the lid was pushed to one side. She casually sat on a chair and still holding the pillow, she fell into meditation.

It seems that neither of her proposed guests would be making an appearance so how should report to Ji Mo?

Unconsciously, her weariness caught up with her and her eyes drooped close.

On the stove, the water in the pot has gradually boiled to the max and white foam overflowed at the edge of the pot, making a creaking sound, but Ning Xiaofei was oblivious to it.

She has come back late the night before, plus with her feeling under the weather, she has already fallen into deep sleep…



Inside and outside the airport, the lights were brightly lit.

Mu Tianye was sitting sideways in the back seat of the car. After more than 10 hours of flight, he was jet lagged. Even though he was on a first class cabin, his face was still not looking good.

“Chief Mu?” Zhou Tao turned around from the passenger seat. “You… Where should you head to?”

Mu Tianye gave no response. He tapped his fingers on his phone and swiped it open once more.

Fingertips gently brushed against the screen as he pulled up Ning Xiaofei’s phone number and dialed it again.

This time, the phone connected smoothly.

The ringtone at the other end was buzzed.

The phone’s screen on the table lit up, displaying three words,-‘Yan Wangye.’

Xicheng took a glance at the phone and read the caller ID, then disdainfully tapped the answer button.

Yan Wangye?

Then he would be the ‘Color Emperor!’ (TLN: or Emperor of Love, but I chose the former 🙂 as he said “Childish!” just below)


Muttering a scolding, he stretched a hand and placed the phone beside his ear.


Hearing Xicheng’s voice, Mu Tianye’s eyebrows immediately snapped together.

It was already night time. Why would man pick up her phone?

Moreover, the speaker sounded very young.

“Who are you?”

Mu Tianye asked frostily.

Xichen grinned.

Here’s man was worthy of being friends with that dead girl. This man is just equally rude.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. If you’re looking for Ning Xiaofei, she’s not available to answer her phone right now. You can call back!”



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