Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Modified version of the itchy powder

Such a powerful momentum was far above her own strength!!

When Feng Chuge kicked her, she was too overwhelmed by that formidable imposing manner making her gasp for breath….

Shui Yuer raised her head peering at Feng Chuge only to see an unnoticeable arch in Feng Chuge’s thin lips.

Her cold countenance remained without a shred of expression, she only declared, “Miss Shui…. Let’s do it….

Shui Yuer was scared heart and sould. She hid behind the Shui master and refused to come out.

“Tsk… Miss Shui, initially you were so gallant when you proposed to compete. How have you turned coward/tortoise now?”


  • TLN: Coward/tortoise – she was referring to person who refuses to face reality or confront a problem

Shui Yuer shrank behind her father. At first glance, she did resemble a tortoise.

The previous Shui Yuer who took the initiative to compete with Feng Chuge in the beginning was now totally the opposite.

A chuckle emerged on the side.

The Shui Master who was standing turned his gaze sharply on the side and noticing the person, anger welled up in his chest.

“I am the master of the Shui family. How dare you point fingers!!”

At the same moment, an oppressive murderous aura emitted around the Shui Master….

Feng Chuge’s pupils slightly shrank….

Her eyes narrowed into slits but she still snickered, “Is Shui Master going to shild Shui Yuer? I say, no wonder Miss Shui is so brazen. Indeed, if the elders are not virtuous, don’t expect the youngsters to be upright!”

“Nonsense!” The Shui Master snapped.

He suddenly leaped up and charged towards Feng Chue…

The situation has changed again.

It was known that the Shui Master was now on the advanced level of a Spiritual Sect.

In the whole of Tianqi, those with this kind of strength are only counted in numbers.

High above the Emperial throne, the Empress Su’s heart who was originally exulting on Feng Chuge’s victory dropped and was again on tenterhooks…

“Master Shui, stop!! Empress Su exclaimed.

However, Master Shui completely paid no heed to the Empress’ order but instead mustered a seven-layered force to attack Feng Chuge.

The instant Master Shui flew towards her, Feng Chuge smirked, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips….

She raised her hand, leaving her white sleeves floating in the air.

It was also at this moment that powder dusts were scattered out of her sleeves.

Under the control of her spiritual power, those dusts were propelled towards Master Shui.

Master Shui who has was about to strike Feng Chuge abruptly stopped upon being sprayed with the medicinal powder….

His countenance immediately changed.

Shui Master only felt as if countless ants were crawling all over his body and a surge of an unbearable itchiness spread around his whole body.

“Feng Chuge, what have you done!” Master Shui raised his head and a pair of murderous eyes shot at Feng Chuge, wishing he could swallow her alive.

Feng Chuge picked a brow. “Master Shui, since you don’t abide by the rules of the game, of course, you must accept a bit of a punishment. Don’t worry, this modified version of itchy powder, so long as you don’t scratch, you’d be fine in two days.”

“You…” Master Shui was about to berate her but he couldn’t help but scratch his body.

He closed his eyes and emitted a faint white glow around him in an attempt to suppress the itchiness with his spiritual power.

No matter how much he didn’t want to, he heard a sympathetic voice….

“Oh, by the by. Master Shui, I must remind you not to use your spiritual power until the drug wears off… Otherwise, the itchiness will worsen.”

It was already too late when Feng Chuge dropped her pointer as Master Shui has already resorted to using his spiritual power to stop the itchiness.

As Feng Chuge has mentioned, once spiritual power was utilized, the drugs effectivity has become more violent…

The whole person of Master Shui who was standing still almost went freaking mad.

Master Shui who has always been majestic was now jumping like a flea in front of the crowd and has totally lost his image.


TLN: The Empress, I might have not noted before but she’s called Empress Su. I will use this forward…

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  1. please someone point out that Chuge was actually an alchemist herself so.. she is someone who soooo amazing !! let those people who belittle her lick their own ass !! hahahaha

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