TOCH – Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Spend the night with her

“What are you doing here?” Fang Chixia gulped a mouthful of bread and turned her eyes to the side, asking Luo Yibei casually.

It was already deep into the night, midnight. His appearance there was totally unexpected.

“Are you eating or not? If you aren’t, I’ll take it back.” Luo Yibei didn’t give any answer directly but instead made a move to snatch the cheese loaf in her hand.

Fang Chixia yanked her hand away warily, “Wasn’t this for me?”

Why wouldn’t she eat it?
She’s been starving all this time, all right.

Luo Yibei said nothing more and just withdrew his hand. He continued looking at her with no intention of leaving.

Fang Chixia lowered her head and focused on solving the snacks he brought her.

He brought the bread with cheese and lobster, accompanied by a number of squid rolls. Bringing her such lavish snacks in the middle of the night, Fang Chixia’s impression on Luo Yibei shot up a bit.

Luo Yibei’s gaze stayed on her for a while. Later he unscrewed the bottle of drink and handed it to her.

His actions were done so naturally that Fang Chixia gawked for a moment upon receiving it.

If they were in normal conditions, when the two of them were at home, when has he ever been so considerate?

Luo Yibei noticed the novelty in her eyes and finally realized what he had done. He let her hand hold the drink and averted his gaze as if nothing has happened.

Fang Chixia also made no comment this time and after she has eaten her snack, it was already almost 3:00 early in the morning.

As she has stayed up all night last night, with lack of enough sleep, she couldn’t hold out against sleepiness anymore.

But, also afraid of being seen by the old man and being unable to give an account, she cheered herselt and tried to stand up only to be held back by Luo Yibei.

“What’s the matter?” Looking sideways at him, she asked dazedly.

“What did you think of achieving?” Luo Yibei faintly glanced at her and returned in flat irony.

Fang Chixia was speechless.

He thought she wanted to do so!

If that old man in his family had a slightly better temper, why would she be so hard on herself?

“Sit down!” Luo Yibei’s dictated coldly as his eyes gleamed, indicating the position next him.

Fang Chixia was first startled, but just looking at his obdurate countenance, she obediently sat down.

Was he protecting her?
If he was protecting her, why was his tone still stone cold?

“Sleep if you want to sleep. You already can’t stay awake so what are you doing?” Luo Yibei upraided her and without any warning, he stretched a long arm and cradled her head in his arms.

An action that has obviously straightened Fang Chixia’s spine, greatly affected by his words.

He wasn’t exactly going to protect her while she was sleeping, was he?

Luo Yibei remained silent. He just embraced her and rested against a pillar next to them.

In this way, he made Fang Chixia even more astounded.
Was he going to stay for the night?

“Luo Yibei, you…” Fang Chixia blinked up from his arms and asked. Luo Yibei who has closed his eyes opened them again and interrupted her midway, “Or do you prefer to stand and continue?”

“I don’t like it.” Fang Chixia simply denied it.

Who on earth would prefer standing?

Why would she be upset when she was given a chance to rest?

Luo Yibei found her answer satisfying and gave her a ‘that won’t have to be’ look and shut his eyes once more.

Fang Chixia’s face slowly lifted up and let her eyes roam up and down his face quietly. Even with eyes closed, he still had that noble visage. She kept her thoughts for a moment but unable to contain it anymore, she braved, “Tonight, did you come here to accompany me?”

Luo Yibei refused to answer and instead tightened his hold, burrowing her deeper into his embrace.



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