TOCH – Chapter 237

Chapter 237: There’s this feeling…

This kind of exchanges happens quite often in the Luo’s Residence. But for Fang Chixia, she was exposed to it for the first time.

She looked at Luo Yibei and then at Luo Yi with some surprise.

Luo Yi was not that angry with Luo Yibei. But he especially hated his attitude of talking back at any time. He however could do nothing about it.

Luo Yibei chose a chair and sat down as his eyes fell quietly on Fang Chixia, who had turned away to the courtyard.

In fact, he was quite bewildered with Fang Chixia’s temper. Usually when he has tossed her about, she usually would begin to resist.

However, this time, she performed very smoothly from beginning to end, with not a hint of defiance.

Fang Chixia admitted her wrong. In her mind, what was standing as a punishment? It was better than that old man asking her to lose money!

These rich people’s domestic pets are usually akin to babies. Who knows how extravagant their breeds are.

If she were asked to pay, there’d be no question that even combining all her possessions, she wouldn’t be able to afford paying!

Fang Chixia didn’t find any fault with Luo Yi so she remained close mouthed all the way.

Taking notice of Luo Yibei who has taken a seat instead of leaving, her brow lightly wrung out.

She was left behind because she was being punished. What was he lingering there for?

To watch a play?

In her confusion, Luo Yi asked the same question, “It was the girl I was punishing so what are you doing here?”

He asked sarcastically, as if the two grandparent and grandson had not spoken properly since they’ve met.

Fang Chixia heard his question and raised her head, waiting for his answer.
Her gaze brightened inquisitively as she looked at him.

“I’d love to.” Luo Yibei was met with two big eyes and whether it was an illusion or not, Fnag Chixia perceived a trace of discomposure on his face.

With that cold retort, Luo Yibei ignored her again.

“You go back first!” Lowering her voice, Fang Chixia said. She didn’t want anyone else to notice the oddity in their relationship, so she urged.

Luo Yibei coldly swept her a glance. He probably felt that it wasn’t appropriate to stay there for long so he stood up and left.

It’s just that in the evening, someone returned back.

Fang Chixia looked at him with dismay and did not understand what he suddenly appeared for.

Luo Yibei didn’t utter anything, he just took a look at her and then left.
In the vast courtyard, Fang Chixia was left alone once again.

Luo Yi has been busy taking care of Harry inside and hasn’t come out even for a moment.

He seemed to have had no time to eat dinner, let alone spare Fang Chixia a thought.

Fang Chixia stood outside for several hours more, until the lights in the villa were extinguished, giving the impression that Luo Yi had gone to bed.

Since Fang Chixia has been standing in the courtyard for so long, from noon to present, her stomach was screaming for food.

As she also didn’t have enough sleep the night before, she was so sleepy that she was fighting with her eyelids.

Unable to hold it anymore, she could only rub her eyes and bolster her spirit to continue standing in place.

At one end of the garden, in the middle of the night, a figure slowly walked towards her and finally stopped in front of her.

Fang Chixia was startled. She slowly lifted her face up and seeing the countenance of the person who came, her eyes slightly shook.

“Take it.” Luo Yibei looked back indifferently as he threw a bag into her arms. He pressed her down and sat down beside her.

There was a cheese loaf in the bag and a bottle of drink. It was enough to satisfy her hunger.

Fang Chixia stared at the contents of the bag. She stared some more and felt an inexplicable warmth in her heart….



6 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 237”

    1. Yes he does.And she cares for him too.. Their communication skills are so congested they can hardly breathe when they are close , that is except when they “play”.


  1. What is wrong with this fucking family. First she’s under no obligation to look after that brat. But she still came. It’s not like they are paying her. After that not are they not grateful but they set such a harsh punishment for her and no one speaks up. She didn’t do it purposely and she even helped the old man several times. Does being rich excuse you from having commom decency. And her husband takes the cake. Not only does he treat her like a prostitute only to use for sex but also makes her go through humiliating situations. I’m questioning why I’m reading this stupid story. Don’t know what the author is thinking too come up with such a juvenile plot.


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