Chapter 56

Chapter 56: My wife has always been the best

That’s right, Feng Chuge won.

In any competition, so long as one’s opponent steps out of the perimeter of the competition area, that would be a win.

Now that Shui Yuer has been kicked outside the banquet area, she no longer has the qualification to compete!!!

The faces of the Shui Family turned specially ugly.

The reason they didn’t obstruct Shui Yuer when she proposed the fight was that Feng Chuge was a waste.

Since she was a waste, then this fight, who loses or who wins, there was no suspense at all.

However, this current turn of events was obviously beyond their expectations.

Shui Yuer slammed down and felt herself go dizzy. Her brain blanked out and couldn’t still wrap around what exactly happened just now.

Until she heard a tender voice—-

“My wife has always been the best.”

The moment the last word fell, Shui Yuer finally regained her senses.

Not far away, Achen leaned back against his chair with eyes full of pride trained on the lone woman in the hall.

Just like that, the silence was completely broken.

Immediately, the crowed began to talk out loud….

Feng Chuge’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. Turning to the direction where Shui Yuer landed, “Miss Shui, you lost…”

Shui Yuer stumbled as she tried to stand upright from the ground.

The foot Feng Chuge used has kicked her on her waist.

At this moment, she felt incomparaable pain in her waist that she couldn’t even manage to stand upright.

She has just stood straight when she heard Feng Chuge continue, “Miss Shui, remember, you were willing to gamble and lose, oh~”

You were willing to gamble and lose…

Shui Yuer’s face, “shua” completely lost color.

The bet they agreed upon just now, she could still remember clearly.

Whoever loses must ruin her own appearance…

Shui Yuer’s legs has already been weakened so she flopped to the ground again after just standing up.

Her current appearance was utterly pitiful!!

Apart from the Shui Family, the crowd from different groups has been entertained with the fight.

Although there was a big difference in the result, whoever wins or loses has nothing to do with them.

Feng Qianxue was sitting with the Yun Family. As she too could clearly watch the happenings in front of her, she could only bite her teeth with resentment.

She had originally thought that Shui Yuer would be able to deal with Feng Chuge so she didn’t need to risk implementing her own plan.

She has never considered the result to be such!

Feng Qianxue lifted her eyes and shot daggers at Feng Chuge—

This Feng Chuge, the changes in her were actually this big!!


Shui Yuer who fell outside the crowd again finally stood up after several efforts….

She ran all at once to where the Shui Family was seated.

“Father, brother, you have to save me. I don’t want to be disfigured–“

Just when she fell downwards, Shui Yuer has been facing the ground.

In this way, her two cheeks were covered in dust, and her nose, due to being knocked on the ground, was dripping with blood.

It should have been a delicate face, but now, it was soaked with tears and cold sweat.

Her whole person looked more and more sickening.

The master of the Shui Family looked at his own daughter who has always been his baby, and flames of anger flickered at the bottom of his eyes.

The seat of the Shui Family was adjacent to the seat of the Feng Family.

Feng Chuge who has claimed victory didn’t continue to linger in the middle of the hall and just slowly returned to her seat.

Shui Yuer looked back at Feng Chuge who was getting closer and closer and her eyes rounded in terror. Her body shook slightly and her whole person kept curling up behind the Shui’s master.

If until now, she still thinks that Feng Chuge was a waste, then she would really be a fool!!

Perhaps others weren’t able to detect it, but she has clearly felt the powerful momentum from Feng Chuge…

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