Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Kicking the ball ~~

Looking at the woman who stood in the middle of the hall, the feeling in He Lian Zi Xuan’s heart was getting stronger and stronger.

That’s right….

How could a woman so stunning be a waste?

When He Lian Jin Yu turned his head and was surprised to see that He Lian Zi Xuan was staring fixatedly at Feng Chuge. “Fifth Brother, you shouldn’t be captivated at that crap, are you?”

He Lian Zi Xuan didn’t remove his eyes on Feng Chuge as he whispered, “Third Brother, I think, you really missed a good piece of uncut jade…”

He Lian Jin Yu dismissed that notion with disdain.

Uncut jade?

She’s just a bag of turd!


In the middle of the hall, the two stood opposite each other.

Shui Yuer raised her lips up. Today, she vows not be disgraced!

“Feng Chuge, don’t blame me for being rude–“

Before she could finish her words, Shui Yuer leaped and charged forward.

Shui Yuer’s body was shrouded with a faint glow.

That was a momentum belonging to an intermediate Spiritual Warrior.

For this match, Shui Yuer was sure to win.

In her eyes, Feng Chuge was just a waste. Without the mountain behind her, she wouldn’t amount to anything!!

While mid-air, she again amassed all her momentum…

She was planning on finishing her in one strike!

It’s just that, at the moment she was about to hit Feng Chuge, Feng Chuge dodged her with an unnoticeable sidetep. Shui Yuer, who had rushed forward with all her might, because of the inertia brought about by her whole body, almost crashed into the ground.

Shui Yuer thought that this was just a coincidence.

She didn’t stop there. She regrouped and continously attacked…

Her strikes were more deadly that the last.

Although an intermediate Spiritual Warrior wasn’t anything remarkable to the crowd watching, looking at the ‘waste’ Feng Chuge who was intentionally or unintentionally avoiding Shui Yuer’s attacks, everyone’s heart has become bemused….

It was perhaps a coincidence when she avoided it once.

But now, every strike of Shui Yuer has been effortlessly subdued by Feng Chuge.

Then, there would only be one conclusion….

That is, Feng Chuge’s strength was far above that of Shui Yuer’s.

At the moment, Shui Yuer was also a little panicked.

After launching strikes after strikes, there she was tired and panting, but Feng Chuge was still as fine as before, standing unruffleed not far away with a faint mocking smile on her lips.

Feng Chuge was smiling but the chill beneath her gaze couldn’t even be any clearer.

How could she not know that every deadly move Shui Yuer has utilized was meant to take her life!!

If she were really a waste with no strength to speak of, then she would have already died under the onslaught of Shui Yuer’s attacks!

The curvature at the corner of Feng Chuge’s lips grew deeper and deeper.


Very good….

Her eyes gradually became cold till finally, Feng Chuge eyes blinked wide —

“Miss Shui… This is match is over…”

Feng Chuge said and sprang flying forward…

That white figure, crossed the air and went straight for Shui Yuer.

Mid-air, Feng Chuge stretched her leg like kicking a football and landed a violent kick on Shui Yuer —

The speed with which Feng Chuge flew went beyond anyone’s expectation that before everyone could regain their senses, a loud crash reverberated throughout the hall.


With only a moment of work, the whole of Shui Yuer was bodily thrown out, sweept through the air and finally landed outside the hall….


Dead silence permeated throughout the four corners of the hall.

Everyone was wide-eyed and looking disbelievingly at the white clothed woman who stood straight on the field….

That waste….

Actually WON!!!

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