TOCH – Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Xia Xia made a big mistake

The fruits that she fed were unknown to her. They were very strange. They should be imported from abroad.

The husky didn’t seem to have eaten them before. First, he curiously licked her hands and after that, he probably got addicted to it. He used his head to nudge her skirt asking for more.

Fang Chixia couldn’t resist its asking adorably that she picked more fruit and fed it one after another.

She spent no time considering her actions. Just by looking at the husky, it’s fitness made her feel that there should be no problem of it eating more.

However, after a little while, the husky began to heave.

Lying in her arms, it whimpered as if pain, and it seems to have a bout of diarrhea.

Fang Chixia instantly panicked, kneeling down, she tried to check what went wrong with it at the same moment that a majestic voice sounded behind her, “What did you do with it?”

The furious voice tinged with rigidness gave Fang Chixia no time to react. She saw an old man hurriedly coming at her.

Crouching in front of her, he pet the husky and looked it over and over. Distressed at the dog which seemed be having a stomachache, he said, “Harry, it’s alright. Let’s go back and see a vet. Bear with it, hold on!”

He sounded very anxious as if comforting a sick loved one.

Fang Chixia had a feeling of causing a catastrophe. She stood up and folded her hands in front of her then admitted softly, “I didn’t mean to!”

“Follow me” The old man ignored her. He just dropped an order and carried the husky on the ground then stepped towards a nearby villa.

Fang Chixia has done something big. Although she knew nothing of his identity, she still followed after him.

The two entered the villa one after the other. Right after, probably after receiving a call, a group of vets rushed over.

This was followed by various checks on the husky.

Fang Chixia has never seen such a big squad, and it was all for a dog!

Standing in the corner from beginning to end, she had that feeling that she had made a big mistake!

What made her realize this was because of the Luo Family who has also hurried into the villa primarily due to hearing that the old man was angry.

“What’s going on here?” Sha Zhixing was the first to arrive. She frowned when she stepped through the door and caught sight of Fang Chixia who was stationed in a corner, identical to a primarily school student who was punished.

Luo Yibei who was following behind has also his brows wrinkled. He stepped inside and asked, “What’s wrong?”

He was asking Fang Chixia with not a hint of anger in his tone. Instead, he was worried about her.

Fang Chixia raised her head and looked at him. She then explained softly, “The old man’s dog was fed by me!”

“You still have the means to talk!” The ‘old man’ who was mentioned had heard her word and looked sideways at her.

Fang Chixia looked at the expression on his face and immediately restrained herself. Straightening her back, she bowed low with remorse, “Grandpa, I was wrong!”

“Call him great grandpa!” Sha Zhixing who was also standing nearby managed to whisper.

Fang Chixia was startled and her heart grew even more apprehensive.

Was she going to lose her head because of this?

“Great grandpa, I really didn’t mean it!” She changed how she called him and issued another apology with her still hanging low.

The corner of Luo Yibei’s eyes twitched. He took several steps forward and looked at the husky in pain. He disdainfully remarked, “It’s just a dog so what’s the big deal? If you like it so much, I’ll send you a few tomorrow!”

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