EP – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Who is Miss Ning Xiaofei?

As she was speaking, the deskphone on the counter rang again. The receptionist hurriedly ran back to answer the phone. After listening to two or three sentences, she immediately handed th handset to Ning Xiaofei.

“Xiaofei, Xicheng!”

Pei Ruoxi sneered.

“Your paltry tricks!”

Ning Xiaofei reached for the receiver.

“Ning Xiaofei, I’m telling you…”

Ning Xiaofei interrupted him, “I don’t have time to answer your calls. If you want to apologize, just come to the TV station to see me!”


She slammed the phone down again and looked sideways at Pei Ruoxi.

“Comes Saturday night, I will be watching you apologize to me live!”

With that, she stepped forward and slammed her shoulders against Pei Ruoxi’s. She strode to her office seat and immediately ruffled through her bag for the flash drive. When she found it, she then walk towards Zhang Yue’s desk and plugged in the flash drive into his computer.

When she saw the strange file inside, she took a guess and a gentle smile broke across her face.

Xicheng, Ah, Xicheng, so there’s also a time when you fall into my hands!

She might not know the content of the file but since that egomaniac has called her in person and even readily offered to compensate her for her phone and computer, this document must have been very important to him.

Looking at the USB that was still plugged into the computer, Ning Xiaofei quickly backed up the files into her mailbox and then dropped the flash drive deep into her pocket. She went back to the conference room and was immediately asked by Ji Mo.

“You just said that the two guests have no time, what did you mean?”

Ning Xiafei looked at Pei Ruoxi across the table and smiled, “No time means they can’t squeeze any time for the show. I will discuss it with them. If I can’t win two, at least, I have to get one.”

“Ning Xiaofei.” Pei Ruoxi looked back in a confrontational manner, “You’d better think twice, if a guest doesn’t make it on time, can you bear the responsibility of finding a temperory replacement?”

“Rest assured Miss Pei, I will of course be responsible for the things I am responsible for!”

Pei Ruoxi spread both hands helplessly, “I was kind enough to advise you but you’re just so stubborn. Then do whatever you do!”

Ji Mo used a pen to tap on a file in front of him.

“All right, you’re dismissed! Today’s agenda was just to inform you that the column’s airtime has been determined. It will be aired on May the 1st, prime time, 8:30-9:30, including all advertisements in between tot he end. In addition, I also want to warn everyone. If anyone else takes the column as a joke and use it to make bets…. I will not tolerate it!”

Ning Xiaofei and Pei Ruoxi knew that he was talking about them so not one said a word.

“And.” Ji Mo faced Ning Xiaofei, “I don’t allow any member of the column’s team to be late or asking for early leave without reason!”

Ning Xiaofei lifted her face up, “Director Ji, Xicheng asked me to discuss the program with him. Is it possible for me to leave early this the afternoon?”

Ji Mo nodded lightly.

“You can.”

“Thank you Director Ji Mo. Then I’ll go and prepare.” Ning Xiaofei thanked Ji Mo graciously. Her eyes fell on someone on the opposite side of the table. She lifted her right hand and waved mid-air, “Sister Pei, goodbye!”

Pei Ruoxi was so angry but she could only grit her teeth.

Everyone packed up their things and left the conference room. Zhang Yue also searched for Ning Xiaofei.

“You’ve really dealt with Xicheng?!”

Ning Xiaofei gently shook her head.

In fact, whether that guy would come or not, she was still uncertain.

“Excuse me, who is Miss Ning Xiaofei?”

At the door, a polite inquiry sounded.

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