Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Bet, ruin your own appearance

Feng Chuge looked slyly at Shui Yuer, “But…Miss Shui, since we have to try, there’s got to be a bet. Otherwise, it would be too boring to just play like this…”

What Feng Chuge proposed was exactly what Shui Yuer was hoping for.

In her eyes, this Feng Chuge would sure lose.

A piece of crap! What qualifications did she have to be compared to her?

A touch of joy glimmered deep in her eyes. “Bet? Your call, what’s the bet?”

“The stakes, anything. For example, our lives…”

Although Feng Chuge was two years younger than Shui Yuer, her height was a half a head taller that Shui Yuer.

At this moment, she tood upright and looked coldly at Shui Yuer.

That stance embodies the arrogance of someone looking down indifferently at an unfortunate individual.

What she said, Shui Yuer couldn’t help but take a deep breath….

Noting her reaction, Feng Chuge raised a brow, “Rest assured, what do I want your life for? But Miss Shui said that I wanted to ruin your appearance, in this case, Miss Shui, if you lose, then ruin your own appearance…”

The bottom of Shui Yuer revealed her jealousy.

She really couldn’t fathom. She was just a waste so from where did she base her arrogance?

Looking at the fascinating eyes of Feng Chuge then at her stunning face, Shui Yuer replied in the same manner, “All right, let’s do as you say! If you lose, you will also ruin your own appearance!”

An immediate consensus was reached between the two.

High above the throne, the Empress has been keeping an eye on the happenings below them and couldn’t hide the concern in her eyes.

“Your Majesty, it’s alright to compete but the bet, isn’t it too inappropriate?”

The Emperor has also been following the two’s conversation, “Our Empress, didn’t you say that Feng Chuge wasn’t like the rumors outside? If so, what else is there to worry about?”

“But…” The Empress looked anxiously at Feng Chuge.

“Okay, it’s all right.” The Emperor gently patted the Empress hand twice, motioning her to calm down. “I believe that Jiande’s daughter will definitely bring us miracles.”

He squinted at Feng Chuge while his lips hidden by his beard slowly curved in an eerie smile —-

Mess around, mess around….

The more turmoil, the better…

The more the four major families were in disaccord, the more the status of his royal family, the He Lian Family, would be unshakable!!


When the wind blew, the garden outside brought it a fragrance that filled the hall.

The hall was located inside the garden of the Royal Palace.

With the Emperor’s approval, Feng Chuge and Shui Yuer met at the center of the hall.

The crowd spectating at this scene were of different thoughts.

For the Yun Family, this was a good entertainment.

He Lian Jin Yu laughed coldly at Feng Chuge’s arrogance treating it as her incompetence.

Feng Chuge was just twice heavier and of no importance, He Lian Jin Yu has utmost confidence in this matter.

A waste with only her beauty, but with no Spiritual Power!!

“Third Prince, do you really think that Feng Chuge will lose?” He Lian Zi Xuan, who was sitting just beside He Lian Jin Yu, suddenly blurted out.

“She’s just a waste, what’s there to question?” He Lian Jin Yu scoffed.

He Lian Zi Xuan shook his head at his answer.

Not to mention whether she could practice spiritual power, just revealing Feng Chuge’s skill in refining medicine, this profession alone, she is estimated to be sought after unceasingly!


He Lian Zi Xuan squinted at Feng Chuge who was standing at the center of the hall.

He had this hunch that this Feng Chuge might not be as the rumors portrayed her to be!!

Perhaps, she would bring out even more shocks for everyone!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 54”

  1. Omggg! I really wanna slap that stupid He Lian Jin Yu and Shui Yuer. I wish that I could be there watching them getting beaten by MC XD
    Thanks for translating

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  2. dear Chuge,, please dont beat her in just one move. play her until everyone understand your true power. and prince-forget-your-rank.. please reveal to everyone that our girl is a pharmacist. slap their face !!!!


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