TOCH – Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233: Wife meets her in-laws

Fang Chixia stiffened instantaneously.

Luo Yibei’s move was outright conspicous. He was still using one hand to consume his meal without any problems, maintaining an elegant poise.

Then the hand that fell under the table began its unruly course.

First, it interlocked with the five fingers of Fang Chixia, played with it a bit and then turned to cling to her slender waist.

His fingertips were in harmony with one playing a piece of music. It gently and slowly dallied along her skirt, stroking her skin through the fabric.

Fang Chixia’s body has been already stretched straight, a blush creeping from her face to the tips of her ears.

The two of them were sitting near Luo Enqi but Luo Enqi was sitting in the main seat, not in a row with the two. But there was Sha Zhixing sitting across Luo Yibei!

Sha Zhixing continued eating her own meal as if she hasn’t noticed any of Luo Yibei’s subtle movements under the table.

But Fang Chixia was utterly uncomfortable.

She knew that Luo Yibei was deliberately playing tricks on her, but there were so many people around, didn’t he know what it was to call a taboo?

If weren’t for his earlier behavior upstairs, his actions at present would have almost convinced Fang Chixia that he wasn’t concerned with their relationship being revealed to his family.

Whenever he’s given a chance

Couldn’t he keep just a little bit of scruples, how could he be so reckless?

This rendered Fang Chixia in a fix and made her even more perplexed in her understanding of him.

Her identity as Mrs. Luo was without question a minefield that wasn’t easy to touch between them. But what with this conduct?

While eating, Luo Yibei casted a glance at her quietly. Noting the redness of her ears, his mood greatly improved.

Even the food on his plate seemed to taste better than a moment ago.

After teasing Fang Chixia for a while, when her face was as red as it could be, he withdrew his hand.

Acting as if he hasn’t done anything untoward to somebody, he continued his meal gratifyingly.

Across from them, Sha Zhixing was the very first person among the Luo Family who had been in contact with Fang Chixia and also the only one to have seen the necklace around her neck.

Halfway through the meal, she narrowed a glanced at Fang Chixia and casually passed a glance along Fang Chixia.

All the way through the meal, Fang Chixia never glanced at Luo Yibei and quietly solved her meal.

Luo Yibei also said nothing that there were no exchanges between the two.

The two’s interaction made Sha Zhixing’s mind float into the clouds.

After a moment’s consideration, she asked as if chatting normally, “Miss Fang is still a student?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Fang Chixia raised her head up when she asked and replied politely.

“How do you feel after entering Rongxi?” Sha Zhixing smiled and asked again.

“Rongxi is very good. I can learn a lot of things that schools don’t teach about the outside world.” Fang Chixia said.

“Miss Fang is said to be the foster daughter of the Fang Family.” Sha Zhixing continued.

This question, in fact, would often be a topic asked when a daughter-in-law was meeting her in-laws. She, however, asked cleverly and didn’t directly went straight to the subject.

Fang Chixia’s hand paused as she nodded lightly, “Yes, ma’am.”

Sha Zhixing smiled pleasantly, then asked again, “Do you have other relatives?”
“Ma’am, I’m an orphan.” Fang Chixia answered after a moment of hesitation.

“Have you ever tried finding your family?” Sha Zhixing followed her answer.

-Her family, this made Fang Chixia’s eyes grew dim.

Chapter 234: Like it simple but rough

Luo Yibei caught her reaction from the corner of his eyes. Thinking back on the day she came home from the Shi Family, he wanted Sha Zhixing to probe no more so he laid his cutlery down and faintly interjected, “Weren’t you going to see how’s Xiao Zuo?”

“I’ll go and see.” Fang Chixia knew he was giving her an excuse to leave. She stood up and politely bowed to the people around the table and turned upstairs.

Sha Zhixing herself didn’t want to touch anything that makes her sad, she was only asking.

Wasn’t it normal for a mother to know the background of the woman around her son?

Watching Fang Chixia leave, her eyes turned back to Luo Yibei after a while.

Is this a show of support?

“I’m full. I’ll go upstairs and see Xiao Zuo.” Luo Yibei left the cutlery down after some time, stood up and followed Fang Chixia upstairs.

When he entered the room, Xiao Zuo was sitting on his bed with his hands around his chest, the perfect image of a Young Master. is face was in its usual cool indifference.

He probably refused to eat as Fang Chixia was teasing him. She was holding two dolls in both hands and conducting a puppet show for him while humming ‘La la”. He didn’t know what song it was but it sounded incomplete.

Xiao Zuo was obviously too disgusted with her idea and disdainfully swore, “Childish!”

“Ah, so spoiled.” Fang Chixia bluntly replied as she pushed a bowl in front of him. “Are you really not going to eat?’

“Don’t eat!” Xiao Zuo now was in good spirits. He has shed off the helpless little sheep look he had just yesterday. His little chin was lifted high and proudly looked down at her.

Fang Chixia looked at him disapprovingly. But even if she gnashed her teeth, she couldn’t do anything else.

Luo Yibei watched the two outside the door for a while before quietly entering the room. He tapped Xiao Zuo’s little head and indifferently ordered, “Eat!”

With his already strong aura, adding his cold and forceful command deterred someone from defying him.

Xiao Zuo sometimes wouldn’t listen to his parents but he would always obey him.

Looking up at him, he assumed the appearance of someone caught red handed. He lowered his head down and took the spoon then began scooping mouthfuls after mouthfuls.

Fang Chixia looked stunned at this turn of events and couldn’t help but feel Luo Yibei was incredible.

Here she was, coaxing again and again and even had to perform but still failed to persuade this little devil. But he actually did it in just one word!

“Ah, so you actually like it simple but rough! Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Fang Chixia suddenly teased Xiao Zuo. She gave Luo Yibei a glance and said, “I’ll hand him over to you.”
She really didn’t want to spend any more time with him. As long as they are together, all she had in mind was taking any opportunity to sneak away.

Luo Yibei just came in for two minutes and she has already excused herself out.

She went downstairs and proceeded to the garden.

The Luo’s garden was very large, covering a wide area larger than an average park size. It was beautifully landscaped and flowers and all sorts of plants were grown, coming close to an orchard.

Fang Chixia wasn’t familiar with the area so she just strolled around. Whoever lived in which villa, she had no idea.

As she passed along an orchard, a husky suddenly ran out of the bushes.

The dog was entirely beautiful, hairy and shiny. At first glance, it must have been well taken care of by its master.

After seeing her, it didn’t act up fierce at all. It even circled around her legs and smacked her skirt, playing with her.

Fang Chixia was taken by the dog very much. She also was reluctant to go back immediately. She picked some fruit and sat down casually, hugging the husky and feeding it.

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  1. Sha Zhizing knows that their is an intimate relationship between Chixia and YiBei.How long will she sit on it before she confronts them?


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