Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Next time, moan louder at night

“What’s the matter? Hands against the wall, Fang Chixia inventoried their surroundings warily, keeping alert of anyone that might me coming upstairs.

Luo Yibei’s gaze narrowed down on her face. He rested an arm on both her sides and leaned handsomely down. He gave her a cold look but slowly run his gaze down her body.

In Fang Chixia’s petrified gaze, his fingertips unbuttoned the collar of her shirt and his big hand caressed its way up.

It went up slowly, stroking the smoothness of her skin and stirring a stream of current on its way. It was a fire she had to fight back….

He seemed to be acting on purpose, his careless strokes were as if playing with a nice toy.

“Stop it!” The hallway where they were was in the view of any servant climbing upstairs at any moment. Fang Chixia couldn’t put up with it so she pushed his hand away.

“What’s wrong with it?” Luo Yibei answered nonchalantly. The hand resting on her shoulder didn’t move away but forward instead.

“Not here!” Fang Chixia wanted to hold back his hand but Luo Yibei easily gripped her hands and locked them behind her.

Resisting reflexively, Fang Chixia could only stare as Luo Yibei dipped forward to her lips and suck.

All his movements were unrestrained, doing whatever he pleased unconcerned with the possibility of someone stumbling into them at any moment, continuing with his usual egocentric way.

Fang Chixia’s nerves has been stretched thin since earlier. Since she couldn’t stop him, she huffed angrily, “Luo Yibei, have you had enough?”

“Next time, can you also moan louder at night?” Luo Yibei faintly glanced at her, dropped his cold sentence, turned around and carelessly continued on his way downstairs.

Fang Chixia froze in place, her face all flushed pink.

What did he mean ‘louder’ at night?

Was he blatantly flirting?

Luo Yibei first went down the floor and after a minute or two, Fang Chixia followed.

When she came to the kitchen, her face was still discomfited.

It was lunch time and the Luo Family were gathered at the dining table sitting quite comfortably.

Sha Zhixing saw her and smiled. She beckoned her to sit down. “Miss Fang, let’s have lunch together!”

“I can’t, ma’am. Xiao Zuo hasn’t had lunch yet. I’ll bring him something first!” Fang Chixia declined and wanted to let the maid prepare a serving. Sha Zhixing however said again, “Let’s all have lunch. Yes, let the servant bring Xiao Zuo lunch. Sit down!”

Having a meal in the presence of so many Luo Family members was something Fang Chixia wanted to avoid more than anything else. Now that Sha Zhixing has invited her, it would be impolite to refuse.

With such a thought, Fang Chixia chose to go and sit down.

Another servant came up to and added a pair of cutlery just beside Luo Yibei.

Luo Yibei raised his head and looked at her, with an unnoticeable hook at the corner of  his lips.

Fang Chixia pretended not to have noticed him. She just lowered her head down and quietly swallowed her food.

Before the huge dining table sat all members of the Luo Family. Everyone seemed to be present except for that legendary venerable old master, the Great Grandfather of Luo Yibei,

Luo Enqi who was sitting near Fang Chixia was even considerate. Although he has always given people a more dignified feeling, throughout the meal, he has been giving Fang Chixia dish after dish.

Fang Chixia thanked him politely every time and continued eating in silence.

She never glanced at Luo Yibei from beginning to end, treating him as nothing more than air.

Who knew that someone wasn’t about to let her have a peaceful meal at all. When lunch was halfway through, his hand went under the table and suddenly grabbed hold of her hand.


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