TOCH – Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Sleep here

Fang Chixia stood in the same place, torn between leaving or staying.

If she’ll leave, she would still be troubled by Xiao Zuo’s condition.

If not, now that Luo Yibei is back, with so many people in the house, she was afraid that their interactions will be seen when they weren’t paying attention.

Fang Chixia struggled with herself for some time before eventually deciding to stay.

She’ll leave. But at least, she has to wait till Xiao Zuo’s condition improves before leaving.

If his fever doesn’t subside and she would only be called back when she’s gone.

With this in mind, Fang Chixia returned back to the room the housekeeper arranged for her.

She pushed the door open but before she could take one step in, the door of Luo Yibei’s room opened again.

Leaning against the door frame, his gaze swept over her face and gestured to his room.

He was telling her to go in.

There were still so many people in the Luo’s Residence and servants come in droves. Fang Chixia wasn’t one to cause unnecessary trouble for herself. Averting her eyes, she entered her own room as if she hasn’t seen what he meant.

Who knew that long strides followed her inside and Luo Yibie’s arms then circled her then bodily dragged her to his room.

His domineering ways coupled with his strength rendered Fang Chixia no room to struggle.

Her whole body tensed up and quivered in rage.

Luo Yibei took her to his bed and tossed her in. He then declared, “Sleep with me!”

“I don’t want to!” Fang Chixia refused right away without any second thoughts.

Luo Yibei challenged her with a look as he raised a brow, “Then do you want me to come over?”

In a word, Fang Chixia was struck dumb. She glared at him so hard, that even her teeth could almost break from gritting them.

She just couldn’t understand his behavior. He clearly supported their hidden marriage but in the occasion where their marriage might be noticed by his family, he was all talk but does the opposite.

Fang Chixia was at a loss as to what he really meant in the end. In the company, he could openly flirt with her and in his home, it goes the same!

Luo Yibei completely dismissed the questions in her eyes and slowly began stripping.

He had just got off the plane and like Fang Chixi, hadn’t slept for more than 10 hours.

Fang Chixia was thinking of his sudden return to China so she asked offhandedly, “How come you’re suddenly back?”

Did he say he’d wait for her to pick him up?

“What? Don’t like it!” Luo Yibei gave her a look but his tone was quite playful.

With Fang Chixia constantly evading him, it would be weird if she liked it!

However, although these thoughts run through her mind, she never did had the courage to spat them out in his face.

Luo Yibei unbuttoned his shirt and casually threw it to the side. His shirt fluttered on the bed and fell just under Fang Chixia’s nose.

The plain white shirt caught Fang Chixia’s attention. After a glance, her eyes widened in astonishment.

He actually wore this one!

This shirt Luo Yibei has just taken off was the shirt she gave him when they had they so-called honeymoon in Sicily. She has used her own money and bought him a very cheap white shirt. He has worn it abroad several times but it seems he took it with him again this time.

Fang Chixia was dazed as she look at the shirt. For a moment, she lost herself in thought.

This kind of cheap item that couldn’t be found through his wardrobe, she thought that he would wear it once and throw it away.

Luo Yibei faintly glanced at her and unconcernedly entered the bathroom.

He casually took a quick shower and when he came out with a towel, Fang Chixia was still looking entranced at the shirt.

This kind of her caused unnoticeable crinkles at the corner of Luo Yibei’s eyes.



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