EP – Chapter 83

Chapter 83: What the hell is this?

When he came back to the entrance, he looked left and right. Finally, he chose the trash bin on the left. Securing the plastic gloves on his hands, he opened the lid and frowned. He took out the trash bag inside and turned his head side to side. He reached into it and moved his hand around without touching anything that felt like a phone.

“I’m sick of this!”

Complaining annoyingly, he turned around and poured out all the contents of the garbage bag.

In the garbage bag, there was mud and some grass blades. He frowned and used his other arm to cover his nose. He then picked a broom and removed the rubbish on the surface.

Seeing a cell phone lying on the grass, the man’s face showed a touch of joy.

Fortunately, the cleaners has not yet collected the garbage. Otherwise, her mobile phone would have really been thrown away.

He stretched over a palm and grabbed the phone. He then brushed off the dirt and blades of grass covering it. Xicheng stood up with the phone in hand.

“I’ve found your phone for you, the computer, I’ll compensate you. See if you will still say that I am a thief! What do you know you stinky girl, I don’t deserve to play music? Don’t listen to my songs, then don’t. I don’t care having one less fan!”

While grumbling, he had already taken the phone back to the living room. He wiped it with paper towels and disinfectants for more than twenty times before putting the phone on the table.

Just as he finished, his phone rang. He reached to receive the call only to notice that he was still wearing gloves on his hands. He hurriedly get rid of them and answered the phone.


On the phone was Amy who serves as his sound Engineer.

“Mr. Xicheng, this is Amy. Is the audio sample ready yet?”

“I’m going to try again. If there’s no problem, I’ll have my assistant give you the final output later.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for your call.”


Upon ending the call, Xicheng turned to looked at the phone on the coffee table. He opened his phone and dialed his assistant’s number.

“Help me check out someone’s phone number.”

“All right. Tell me, who are you looking for?”

“A City’s TV…”

Referring to Ning Xiaofei, he stopped for a moment.

What was that girl’s name again?

She gave him her business card yesterday but he threw it away. Now, he has no idea what her name was. He couldn’t recall her name at all.

“Damn it!” Xicheng scowled and carefully called to mind last night’s scene. “In short, she is a very young woman, about 20 years old and of medium height. She works in a TV station, I don’t know. In short, help me check her out as soon as possible. Look for her number.”

The assistant answered a bit embarrassed. “This… that might prove difficult to do. Why are you looking for her?”

“I asked you to check her phone number not for you to ask too much! Right, buy one of the best notebook and bring it back. Something best for girls!”

After that, he tapped the end call button. He didn’t want his assistant to know that he went through the trash can just to find a phone.

Glancing at the phone on the coffee table, Xicheng marched upstairs.

The studio is still waiting for his sample mix. Because of that girl, a lot of time has been wasted. Now, he has to hurry up.

Going back upstairs, he looked around but didn’t find he USB flash drive on the piano.


What about the USB flash drive!

Looking through the messy music scores, he bent down to look around and noticed the black USB in the corner of the bench. He immediately picked it up and plugged it into the computer. When a popup appeared on the computer, he double clicked to open.

Seeing the files on the flash drive, Xicheng immediately stopped – ‘Program Plan’, ‘Personal Data (Xicheng)’, ‘Personal Data (Yanwang)’…

Xicheng frowned in a daze, “This…. What the hell is this?”

4 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 83”

  1. Well, serves him right! But I’m glad, that Xicheng put some efforts in finding our heroine cell phone.
    Thank you a lot for this new chapter! It made my day!


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