Chapter 50

Chapter 50: This Prince doesn’t want to marry!

A flash of surprise run across the Emperor’s eyes after he scanned Feng Chuge from head to toe.

“You…Are you Feng Chuge?”

“Returning to the Emperor, I am indeed.” Feng Chuge got up but didn’t hesitate to answer.

The Emperor of Tianqi carefully looked at Feng Chuge with his eyes slightly narrowed. After a little while, a flash with profound meaning flashed across his eyes. He stroked his beard and said, “When we saw you last time, you were only ten years old. We didn’t expect that after six years, Chuge has already grown to a big girl. How have you been all these years? Have you been well outside?”

Feng Chuge smirked.

She never did believe that this Emperor really cares about her.

If this were the case, then this body wouldn’t have been driven out of the Feng’s Residence and turned out a corpse in the wilderness.

But with him asking, of course she has to answer…..

“Thank you for the Emperor’s concern… This niece has been well these years.”

Sitting on the edge of his throne was the Empress. She too was looking at Feng Chuge and the more she saw, the more she liked her.

At that time, she and Feng Chuge’s mother, Princess Jiande, were very close friends.

Before Feng Chuge was even born, she was promised to He Lian Jin Yu in marriage.

Looking at her prospective daughter-in-law, the smile on the elegant face of the Empress widened even more.

She turned her head to the Emperor,
What do you think, your Majesty, didn’t this one tell you that the rumors outside about Feng Chuge were totally unfounded? In those years, Princess Jiande was an incomparable beauty. Feng Chuge certainly wouldn’t be much worse.”

“Hahaha, you are right…” The Emperor agreed in harmony.

“Chuge, is it? Come… Come to mother-in-law here.” The Empress waved at her.

“Your Majesty, Empress, Chuge doesn’t dare step out of bounds.” Feng Chuge bowed low, concealing her reaction to the other’s words.

“Haha… This child is so cautious!” Speaking of which, the Empress seemed to have thought of something. “Right, Chuge is still the fiancée of the Third Prince… We and Princess Jiande has agreed that at the time Chuge turns 16, she’ll be married of to Jin Yu. Just this year, Chuge has already turned 16. Your Majesty, we should better pick a good day.”

With this faint sentence, He Lian Jin Yu who was leaning on one side, jolted to attention at once.

His sharp vision shot at Feng Chuge, full of disgust and resentment.

He Lian Jin Yu wasn’t aware that the reason why Feng Chuge was brought back was because Feng Zhaoyang wanted her to marry the fool of the Yun Family. So now, he decided that the reason why Feng Chuge came back was to marry into the royal family!

Otherwise, she has stayed outside for good for so many years. Why would she suddenly come back?

Thus, without waiting for Feng Chuge to make any statement, He Lian Jin Yu spoke first —

“The Empress, this Prince doesn’t want to marry!!”

“Third Prince, what did you say?” The smile on the Empress’s face was slightly stiff.

He Lian Jin Yu sneered and glanced at Feng Chuge.

“This Prince will definitely not going to marry a vicious woman! What’s more, this Feng Chuge was just a waste!! Mother Empress, Father Emperor, do you still want to harm this Prince? And… Father, Mother, this Prince is about to enter Yuntian College. If I go to Yuntian College in the future and was known that I’m married to a waste who couldn’t even practice Spiritual Power, what face would I still show?”

These words, all of them were spearheads aimed at Feng Chuge. Everyone’s eyes followed and landed on Feng Chuge.

Everyone was looking forward to Feng Chuge’s reaction.

After all, the words that He Lian Jin Yu screamed, whoever it was who was listening, wouldn’t be able to stand it….

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