EP – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: So drunk

The immediate results were entirely unexpected for Xicheng.

He originally thought that Ning Xiaofei was not much different from other paparazzi and just wanted to sneak into his privacy.

Watching the girl stuff her computer back into her backpack, he was at a loss for a while.

Ning Xiaofei quickly picked up the debris on the ground and seeing her pick up a score sheet, Xicheng opened his mouth.

“That’s mine!”

Picking up the remaining USB flash drive on the floor and then stuffing it into her backpack, Ning Xiaofei got up and threw the score sheet to him, then she hurriedly rushed out of the door.

Xicheng reached for it but they scattered on the ground. He quickly picked them up and placed them on the piano, and the man rushed after her.

“Hey, stop!”

Ning Xiaofei stopped at the stairs and turned back to face him.

“Let me tell you, from today onwards, I’ll never listen to your songs again. People like you is not worthy for this lady to listen to!”

With that, she turned away and ran downstairs.


Xicheng frowned and chased out. He saw Ning Xiaofei rushing down the steps and ran in the direction of the gate with her arms around her backpack.

“Damn!” Xicheng chased down the steps and rushed through the lawn. He felt that his feet were wet and cool and finally noticed that he wasn’t wearing any shoes. He stopped immediately, “Hey, I told you to stop. Didn’t you hear?!”

Ning Xiaofei was in a huff, who would listen to him?

Anyway, her phone was tossed away and he wouldn’t be on her show. At the moment, she was just to disappointed in him.

Now, she doesn’t want to see his face ever again.

She actually liked his songs before, huh!

His character was so detestable. She’ll never like any of his anymore.

At the sight of her rushing to the fence, Xicheng bit his teeth and chased barefoot after Ning Xiaofei across the muddy grass. Ning Xiaofei climbed over the fence, jumped to the other side and run all the way out.

“Hey… your mobile phone…” He wanted to called out her name but forgot what she was called. All the way till she disappeared into the corner of the road, Xicheng watched and angrily gnashed his teeth. “Okay, whatever! If you don’t want it, then forget it!”

He irritatedly stomped his way back and once his foot stepped into a puddle, it sank down and was soaked into the wet cold mud.

“Oh… ****!” He cursed and plucked his feet out. He raised a glance at the black muddy water around him and grew even more annoyed. “You got into someone else’s house and you got the nerve to get angry… What does that mean? You’re totally drunk!”

Trudging up the steps, he looked down at his two dirty feet and his trousers which got wet from dews and his temper upped another level. He pushed the door open and took a steps inside. He stopped again and looked at the mud on the floor. The clear footprints made him want to kill someone.

This stinky woman is really daring…

Going to the door to find a pair of slippers, he wore it and trotted upstairs then rushed into the bathroom.

He opened the shower head but with a frown closed the switch. He turned around and headed downstairs. He came to the door and stopped to look at the two trash bins left and right and couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose.

Which bin did he throw it last night?

He pinched his nose with his fingers and bent close to a trash bin then ruffled through it, only to see an empty container.

“You don’t want it anyway. I’m too lazy to help you find it!”

Grumbling, he turned back and entered the door.

He proceeded upstairs then stopped on his tracks again.

“I’m just trying to prove that I’m not a thief. I didn’t steal any of your stuff!”

With a loud voice, he turned to the utility room.

In a moment, he was back with two plastic gloves already on each hand and other tools.

4 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 82”

  1. Oh, thank you so much for this new chapter! I can survive now and wait for the next one 😉
    I wonder if the singer is going to be a second male lead and fell head over Ning Xiaofei and dedicate her a lot of songs?


  2. Lol. If you’re really sorry, then reimburse her for the laptop you cracked.

    Thank you for the chapter!


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