Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Second sister is still young, and youth shouldn’t be wasted

Feng Chuge’s brows were slightly furrowed, “But then again, Second sister and the Young Master Yun’s marriage was in name only. Even if Second sister wants to rush into remarriage, it’s justifiable~~~ After all, Second sister is still young and youth shouldn’t be wasted.”

When Feng Chixia began her retort, she prolonged her words.

When her analysis was done, not only the face of Feng Qianxue that has changed, the people from the Yun Family not far away was not much different.

Although Young Master Yun was a fool, at least, he was Mrs. and Mr. Yun’s favored baby son.

Listening to Feng Chuge just now, it finally came to them that Feng Qianxue was dressed exceptionally brightly during the mourning period.

Their faces immediately darkened.

Feng Qianxue’s actions were obviously disrespectful to the Yun Family!

Feng Qianxue sensed the edge of the crowd’s gazes and immediately snapped —

“Feng Chuge, you are spouting a bunch of nonsense!”

“Second sister, was I wrong?” Feng Chuge’s eyes glimmered and pursed her lips revealing some grievances. “When I saw Second sister wearing red, I really thought Second sister was unbearably lonely and couldn’t wait to begin finding Chuge a second brother-in-law…”

Someone on the side heard her and couldn’t help gut guffaw.

Feng Qianxue married the fool of the Yun Family and scared tht fool to death on their wedding night. This has become a big joke to laugh at during meal times.

Now that it has been mentioned, even describing Feng Qianxue, the crowd couldn’t hold it anymore.

Their laughter directly stimulated Feng Qianxue’s nerves.

Once, she was the genius of the Feng Family. She was the second Miss Feng who held the crowd in the palm of her hand.

But now, because of Feng Chuge, her standing has dropped to such a point.

There was anger brewing in her eyes, and in the end, all rage, all of it erupted —

“You trash, you are to blame! I’ll rip your mouth off! I’ll kill you!!”

No matter how much she has fallen down, Feng Qianxue was still a Spiritual Warrior.

She leaped and her red figure flashed and flew directly towards Feng Chuge.

Seeing Feng Qianxue’s charging towards them, Zilan at the back also raised her hand jumped up to meet Feng Qianxue head on—

Several other families were looking at the this play but had no intention to intervene. For them, this was just an entertainment.

Just as the perimeter was about to get chaotic, shrill voice announced not far away —

“The emperor has arrived —“

With this announcement, all chatters were silenced.

Feng Qianxue also stopped her advance.

Flashes of chagrin lurked beneath her gaze.

She has been too impulsive…

She has even narrowly broke her original plan.

Shivering in anger, Feng Qianxue could only grit her teeth.

“Feng Chuge, just you wait. I’ll never let you get away!”

With that forewarning, she turned around and headed back to her seat.

The Emperor of Tianqi in a bright yellow attire, stepped into one of the halls.

Followed by the Empress Dowager, behind him.

After taking a seat on his throne, the Emperor of Tianqi swept a look at everyone below him.

“Hahaha, it’s really a rare chance for the major families to gather together… But, what’s going on? Why was it so noisy?”

When his question was uttered, the looks on everyone’s faces were all conflicting.

After a while, Feng Qianxue stood up….

“To answer the Emperor, it was just a misunderstanding. We sisters haven’t seen each other for a long time so we sisters were just making a joke.”
“You are…” The Emperor retracted his eyes and looked at Feng Qianxue.

“I’m the Second Miss of the Feng Family, and also a sister to Feng Chuge….”

This banquet was nominally organized to give Feng Chuge a big welcome home.

When he heard Feng Qianxue mentioning Feng Chuge, the Emperor no longer pursued the matter.

His eyes scanned the crowd and finally settled in the direction where Feng Family’s position was….

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