TOCH – Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Entering the Luo’s Residence

This was the first time Fang Chixia came to the Luo’s Residence.

When she arrived outside the gate, the housekeeper was waiting with two servants.

The Luo Family was comprised of four generations living together. All of them are living in this majestic manor villas.

The large manor was surrounded by a number of independed European style villas. Luo Xichen’s family, the Luo Enqi couple, and Xiao Zuo were all living alone in different villas.

There was also a special old man, the great-grandfather of Luo Yibei in there. And he himself was living in a separate villa.

The Luo’s garden was vast. Between each villa, the distance was a bit far away that covering the distance would take ten minutes.

Xiao Zuo was livign in a villa in his own home but because he was only a child, he usually has no playmates thus, he likes to follow Luo Yibei and Baby around. This is also the reason there was a spare room in Luo Yibei’s separate villa.

When Fang Chixia was taken in by the housekeeper, she went into the room where Xiao Zuo stays in in Luo Yibei’s villa.

Children are still very young so their resistance to illness was not comparable to that of adults. After a bout of illness, his usually vitality has long been gone and he was only lying sickly in bed, looking very pitiful.

There were a lot of people in the room. Earlier, Tong Yan was the one who apprised her of the people in the Luo Family. When someone introduced them, seeing their face in person, Fang Chixia was able to point out who was who.

Sha Zhixing, Luo Xichen, Luo Yibei’s uncle, Luo Rongci (I might have translated this as Luo Rong before), and several servants.

Sha Zhixing was holding Xiao Zuo in her arms, obviously distressed at his condition. She was also holding a bowl of steaming porridge in another arm, seeminly feeding him, but Xiao Zuo didn’t even open his eyes.

Fang Chixia was in fact still uneasy but when the people in the room saw her, they weren’t surprised at all.

“Miss Fang, we meet again!” Sha Zhixing smiled at her and gestured her to sit next to her.

“Hello, Madam!” Fang Chixia greeted corteously.

“Xiao Zuo has burdened you!” Sha Zhixing glanced down at Xiao Zuo in her arms and motioned for her to try.

Fang Chixia took in Xiao Zuo’s poor state and first placed her palm to his forehead to check his temperature. Her eyebrows wrinkled and she tried speaking, “Xiao Zuo, can you hear sister?”

Xiao Zuo’s closed eyes slightly opened and looked dazedly at her. His eyes seemed to brighten a bit before he vaguely answered, “Stupid woman….”

His childish voice, because of his fever, lacked energy but it let the group of people in the room sigh in relief.

If it wasn’t for his illness, Fang Chixia would have pinched him.

Who has taught him such speech?

Xiao Zuo curved the corners of his mouth and smiled at her.

That smile was very faint and weak, coupled with his pale face, it rendered those around him upset and distressed.

“Xiao Zuo, you have to eat so you can recover faster, don’t you know?” Not caring of his opinions, Fang Chixia took the bowl of porridge from Sha Zhixing’s hand and carefully fed it to him.

Xiao Zuo was quite obedient this time. Although he was clearly in pain to be able to eat, he just grimaced and still opened his little mouth to swallow mouthfuls after mouthfuls she has sent over.

Fang Chixia patiently fed him, and then took the towel from the servant to help him wipe his body.

A number of people from the Luo Family stood back quietly to watch, surprised that Xiao Zuo actually listened obediently to her.

As a result, Fang Chixia went and stayed for several hours.

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