TOCH – Chapter 224

Chapter 224: An unexpected call

His sudden interjection made Fang Chixia froze and the hand that stretched out to grab her drink from Luo Yibei’s hand was retracted at once. She calmed herself down and regaining her composure, she stood up and greeted him, “Grandpa, I came to handle your plane tickets.”

She has switched to Luo Yibei’s side so handling these kind of matters were normal. Luo Enqi didn’t think more of it.

“It’s been hard on you.” He smiled at her, kindness still apparent with his treatment.

“It’s not hard, Grandpa. This is what I am supposed to do.” Fang Chixia returned politely.

She wasn’t close to Luo Enqi to begin with so being polite was really necessary. Who knew that Luo Yibei next to her would suddenly say, “If this is the case, then remember to pick me up next time!”

Fang Chixia snapped her head to look at him and the expression on her face froze on the spot.

Isn’t this giving him an inch and he’ll want a mile?

He is really asking too much!

Luo Enqi was scanning his boarding pass and didn’t look at the two people at all. After checking it, he looked up and spoke to Luo Yibei, “It’s time to go!”

Luo Yibei gathered his lazy folded legs and got up.

“Don’t forget!” he did not forget to add as he inadvertently sorted out the folds on his clothes with his peripheral vision trained on Fang Chixia. He then followed Luo Enqi to the security check nonchalantly.

Fang Chixia watched the two men leave and then she returned to their villa.

Luo Yibei went to book a one-way ticket this time. He didn’t’ book a return ticket so she wasn’t sure if he’ll be gone only for a few days.

Whenever she was at home, she always looked forward for him not coming back at the end of the day. She would always be happy with being alone.

But everytime he goes away for a few days, she was somewhat out of sorts.

Why was that so? She couldn’t exactly say why.

Luo Yibei left and for many days, he didn’t come back.

If Fang Chixia wasn’t in Rongxi everyday, she was at school. Living alone for four days, on the fifth night, she unexpectedly received a call.

It was a strange male voice, middle-aged and his opening was, “Is this Miss Fang?”

Fang Chixia was taken aback for a moment but after a while, she replied, “It is. May I ask…”

“I am the steward of the Luo Famiy. This is the case. Young Master Zuo has been feverish since yesterday and his condition is a bit serious. He has been lethargic in his sleep. He awakens occasionally but ate nothing afterwards but he just kept on yelling, “sister.” When we later asked, it seemed to be Miss Fang. If it’s no trouble for you, can you come to the Luo’s Residence?”

“Xiao Zuo is sick? How could be sick when he was just fine the other day?” Fang Chixia asked anxiously.

“If Miss Fang is willing to come and visit the young master, I will send someone to pick you up later. I’d like to explain to you in detail when you arrive at the Luo’s Residence, is that okay?” The steward added.

WHen Fang Chixia heard the words Luo’s Residence’, her heart jumped a bit.

She didn’t want to go to the Luo’s Residence. It wasn’t appropriate for her to go there considering the terms of her marriage with Luo Yibei wasn’t. She hesitated accepting the steward’s proposal.

The steward was still waiting for her response. When she didn’t speak for a long time, he anxiously asked, Miss Fang, is it difficult for you?”

Fang Chixia snapped out from her trance and worried at Xiao Zuo’s condition, after some considerations, she agreed. “I’ll go. But I’ll be fine on my own. There’s no need to trouble you, uncle.”

Not wanting to let more people know about her cohabitation with Luo Yibei, she refused the housekeeper’s offer to pick her up. She just asked him for the address and took a ride to the Luo’s Residence.

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