Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Stony-hearted

“Pu–” Shui Wuji hasn’t finished speaking yet when Zilan chortled. “Miss, as far as I know, she is one year older than you…”

Feng Chuge raised a brow and slightly swept a glance at Zilan with traces of teasing beneath her eyes. “Zilan, this is where you are wrong. How could you casually inquire about a woman’s age? Look, if you encounter such a a situation again next time, how embarrassing do you think it would be? You don’t know, someone else might be pretending to be young.”

Zilan lowered her head and smirked. She then answered seriously, Zilan knows her wrong, I will never do it again next time…”

The whole of Shui Wuji’s face was completely stiff.

And Shui Yuer was even more angered with both of fists balled tightly. She wanted to say something in rebuttal but in the end, she was held back by Shui Wuji.

She had no choice but to bite her teeth and look hatefully at Feng Chuger. The fingers on both sides were almost buried into her plams….

She couldn’t accept it… She wasn’t willing to let this waste of a person ride over her head!!

Without the yapping of Shui Yuer, their side immediately quited down.

This silence however didn’t last long as it was broken by a familiar voice.

“Fourth Sister, how did father and mother ever offend you? Fourth Sister, how could you drive them out of the Feng’s Residence?”

It was a sharp voice laden with a faint repressed urge to cry.

Feng Chuge raised her head and fixed her eyes on the person in front of her. She couldn’t help but frown.

Today is going to be really lively!!

“Although father and mother have been driven you out of the Feng Residence six years ago, didn’t father bring you back? Even the best courtyard, the Water Pavilion in the Feng Residence was given to you. Father has intended to make it up to you somehow, but you actually treated them like this. They are all your relatives, how could you be so stony-hearted?” Her grievances were voiced out louder than the other in waves.

The person who spoke was no other than Feng Qianxue who was married off to the Yun Family.

Since marrying into the Yun family and scaring the Second Young Master to death on their wedding night, Feng Qianxue was regarded by the Yun Family as an ominous person.

These days, she has suffered the cold eyes of the Yun Family.

She so hated Feng Chuge —-

If it weren’t for Feng Chuge, how could she have ended up as she is now?

At the news that Feng Chuge will be entering the palace today for a banquet, a crazy plan was born at the bottom of Feng Qianxue’s heart….

Originally, she wasn’t qualified to attend but unwilling to give up, she seek the Yun Family head’s permission.

After all, Feng Chuge was the sister of Feng Qianxue. So upon consideration of the banquet given in welcome of Feng Chuge, the Head of the Yun Family reluctantly agreed.


Feng Qianxue was still on her mournful complaints about this and that and all her words passed to the ears of everyone around.

In a flash, the crowd carved a new label for Feng Chuge —


Feng Chuge allowed Feng Qianxue to rant and smiled pleasantly.

How has she not found out before, this Feng Qianxue’s skill in turning things upside down was quite impressive!

She made no response and let Feng Qianxue do the talking alone instead.

Until Feng Qianxue tired herself from her rant and stopped, Feng Chuge then looked up and inserted, “Second Sister, you have been a bit haggard recently. Such thick rouge can’t even cover your dark circles… The demise of the second young master of the Yun family must have broken your heart. But… second sister, you are now in the mourning period. How could you dress up so brightly today? If I were other people, I would have thought second sister is just a young unmarried maiden.”


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