TOCH – Chapter 222-223

Chapter 222: Go with me to Italy

Being able to escape this way, Fang Chixia’s heart was full of warmth and her eyes fell on Xiao Zuo a little more gently.

Fang Chixia concluded that Xiao Zuo might be vicious in his words but in fact, he was just a very affectionate child.

There after, Xiao Zuo simply sat down next to her and kept her company while she was working.

Fang Chixia was truly speechless. She gently ruffled his hair saying, “Go play on your own. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”
Xiao Zuo actually liked sticking to her. He wasn’t willing to go but in the end, Luo Rong called people to take him home.

Fang Chixia sent him off with a reassuring smile and finally sighed in relief.

Now that he was gone, she could finally relax.

After working outside for less than half an hour, Luo Yibei called her in again.

Luo Yibei glanced behind her first and assured that Xiao Zuo wasn’t there, he pulled her to his arms, wanting to embrace her but Fang Chixia deftly avoided his attempt.

Luo Yibei’s eyes narrowed into slits, obviously displeased with her avoidance.

Standing up, he headed for the door but then, Luo Enqi barged in so suddenly after he took only several steps.

His sudden appearance froze Fang Chixia. She unconsciously stepped back and widened the distance between her and Luo Yibei.

Luo Enqi was also surprised himself at finding her there. He greeted her amicably, “Xiao Yatou, you transferred here?”

“Yes, grandpa.” Fang Chixia lowered her head and spoke politely.

Luo Enqi has permitted her to call him grandpa just yesterday so she called out naturally without paying much attention.

Before the word she used even settled down, she shuddered upon realizing what she has done. She looked in Luo Yibei’s direction almost instantly with a slightly embarrassed face.

Luo Yibei was obviously surprised too. He returned her stare and probed gloomily, “Grandpa?”
She has only entered Rongxi for a few days and has already bought Luo Enqi’s heart?
Fang Chixia knew he was thinking too much into it, but she made no move to explain.

It was Luo Enqi, who couldn’t bear his tone and explained kindly in Fang Chixia’s behalf. “This girl helped me a lot yesterday. She is very close to Tong Yan so why should she call me so, too?”

Luo Yibei didn’t pay attention to it. He snapped the documents in his hand closed and looked directly at him. He went directly to the subject, “Are you looking for me for something?”

Luo Enqi was not in a hurry. He slowly went in to sit down on the sofa next to him.

Fang Chixia was an assistant so she must do what an assistant does.

She prepared him a cup of tea in sensibly offered him, “Grandpa, please drink tea!”

“Okay.” Luo Enqi smiled at her and turned his head to Luo Yibei. “This is the case. I just received a phone call from Su Ran, saying that your Su Grandpa hasn’t been feeling well recently. It’s just that you and I haven’t been to Italy for a long time. Can you take some time off and visit your grandpa with me for a few days?”

His speed of speech was very slow. So, Fang Chixia, who was just standing beside him, involuntarily heard everything.

Who is Su Ran?

Who is Grandpa Su?

What Luo Yibei hasn’t been to Italy for a long time? Without any word, he ran to Italy to stay for while alright! That wasn’t so long ago!

Fang Chixia’s mind was always been sharp coupled with her smart head. Although, neither of the names Luo Enqi has mentioned rang a bell to her, her heart vaguely thought that Luo Yibei went to Italy last time and this woman Su Ran were related.

Luo Yibei didn’t immediately agree and just stared steadily at her.



Chapter 223: Such a punishment

Fang Chixia just hung her head down and focused on pouring tea.

Her fingers were long and elegant with her fingertips shining like jade. When she was pouring tea, she carries a gentle gracefulness that can’t be said. Even her brows showed her focus even with her head down.

His brows furrowed. He remained silent for a while turned his eyes back to Luo Enqi and readily agreed to his request, “Well, I’ll schedule it.”

“All right then!” Luo Enqi didn’t stay any longer. He stood up and left.

Fang Chixia sent him out. She accompanied him to the elevator and as she was about to leave, Luo Enqi suddenly asked, “Why did she transfer to Yibei?”

He was obviously talking about Fang Chixia, just not to her, but was pondering inwardly, he just voiced out his thoughts.

That tone was somewhat surprised with tinged of regret.

Fang Chixia couldn’t tell what he meant. Without answering, she calmly returned to the office.

With the plan between Luo Yibei and Luo Enqi set aside, Luo Yibei was busy arranging his schedule when she went back.

His Italy departure was set three days later.

His specific destination, Rome.

His plane ticket was also booked by Fang Chixia.

Luo Yibei said nothing regarding this trip to Fang Chixia but since she was now one of his assistants, his trip was a lot clearer to her, she was even the one taking care of it.

The difference from the last time was that she now knows everything.

She couldn’t understand what Luo Yibei was thinking. When came the day he was leaving, he sent her to the ticket vending machine!

Fang Chixia was beginning to feel dissatisfied at him.

He was going away, wanting to see whoever that woman was. This has nothing to do with her so why should she have to send him off?

However, dissatisfaction was dissatisfaction. When she was in the company, she always maintained a good temper and wouldn’t contradict him like at home. If he sends her somewhere, she’ll simply go.

“Aren’t you curious of anything?” Luo Yibei faced her and asked casually. The both of them were sitting at the airport lounge waiting for Luo Enqi who has yet to arrived.

“No. It’s time for me to go back.” Fang Chixia was holding a drink with one hand and averted her eyes elsewhere nonchalantly.

“When I’m not here, you’re happy?” Luo Yibei’s cold question floated between them again.

“Yeah.” Fang Chixia answered absent-mindedly.

Her mind was obviously wondering somewhere else that Luo Yibei couldn’t help but frown.

Tipping her stiff face towards him, disregarding the presence of numerous people at the airport, his handsome face leaned over and aimed at her lips.

Aghast at his sudden attack, Fang Chixia reflexively lifted a hand to block him but her hand was captured in his grip.

Kissing her fiercely accompanying it with a few bites, Luo Yibei didn’t let her loose until he was satisfied with her blush and the swelling of her lips as his mark.

“Remember to answer well next time.” Ruffling her head like a pet, he took the drink she was holding and not minding that she had just drunk from it, emptied the bottle in one gulp.

Fang Chixia licked her burning sore lips and gnashed her teeth.

She wanted very much to retaliate but taking in consideration their location, she could only put up with it.

With so many people about, she didn’t want to add more gossip for others.

“That’s mine!” She wanted to grab it back but behind them, Luo Enqi’s frosty voice came, “Xia Xia also came!”



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