EP – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Truly an incorrigible thief

“Sorry, the number you dialed is turned off. “

Returning the handset into the switch hook, Mu Tianye snapped his brows together in thought before reaching the extension number to Zhou Tao’s room.

“Book the earliest flight in the morning and cancel the inspection arrangements.”

He hang up the phone and snorted.

“Ning Xiaofei, if you’re playing tricks again. I’ll kill you!”



Lakeside Manor.


Ning Xiaofei was hit with a heavy sneeze. She rubbed her sore nose and lifted a hand to turn the knob open. It wasn’t locked.

“Anyone home?!”

She raised her voice and called out twice but no one answered.

Raising a brow, she gently opened the door and walked in.

Inside the door, there was an empty hall, some succinct furnishings, and walls where works of arts which she couldn’t understand, were hung.

A vague music sound drifted from somewhere.

Listening carefully, she ascertained that it came from the second floor. She quickly marched up the stairs, following the sound of music, till she came to a door.

The door was ajar and just a glance showed a very spacious room. The French window allowed an unobstructed view of the whole lake.

There was a steel frame in front of the window. Next to it was a shelf, housing various instruments. On one corner at the side, a computer was open with some musical sheets…..

At this moment, Xicheng was sitting in front of the piano, playing the keys in one hand, holding a pen on the left hand, and recording a few notes.

The morning light glanced obliquely out of the window, reflecting a golden glow on his shoulders. With a simple white T-shirt, his face grew even more exquisite and enchanting….

Compared to the guy with the venomous tongue last night, this Xicheng appeared dedicatedly gentle.

Ning Xiaofei stepped forward and gently closed the door.


The piano sound abruptly stopped.

Xichen turned around in dismay only to see Ning Xiaofei standing by the doorway. His eyebrows which were stretched smoothly earlier wrinkled in waves in an instant.

How dare she barge in here like that?

“You are truly an incorrigible thief!”

Ning Xiaofei was a little embarrassed. Truth to tell, she did jump over the wall.

When she heard him calling her thief she immediately stretched her little face and stretched her hand at him.

“If you don’t return things, you are the thief. Give me my phone!”

“Thrown away.”

“You!” Ning Xiaofei exclaimed. “Why did you throw it?”

“It’s a rubbish that fell in my car. Of course, I have to handle it.” Noticing the heavy backpack behind her, Xicheng got up and approached her, “Unload this for me!”

“Why should I?!”

Advancing some more, Xicheng grabbed her backpack and pulled it off her as soon as he got hold of it.

Ning Xiaofei instinctively wanted to protect her bag. She pounced to snatch it back, but with the man’s longer arm, she came down empty-handed.

“You…… What are you doing with my stuff?”

She chased him, determined to get her bag back.

Xicheng scoffed and raised his right hand. He pulled the zipper of the bag and grabbing the bottom with both hands, turned it over and shook it.

He isn’t sure how this girl came to know this place. Who knew if she has a hidden camera or something like that. It wasn’t easy for him to settle down here. This place was quiet. He didn’t want his privacy to be exposed by this girl.

Otherwise, this place would be vacated.


Notebooks, USB flash drives, pens, a wallet, tissue…. the mess immediately scattered all over the place.

It’s just that, there was no camera.

“My computer!” Ning Xiaofei rushed over, picked up her laptop from the floor and saw the cracked screen. She turned around swiftly, anger flushing her little face, “You are too much!”

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