Chapter 46

Chapter 46: A man with faulty vision….

“This Prince warns you, if you dare touch even a tiny bit of Waner’s hair, this Prince will never spare you!” He Lian Jin Yu vowed and sneered.

“Third Prince sure knows how to joke around. Who would fancy touching Feng Qingwan?” Feng Chuge flashed a disarming smile. “However, isn’t Feng Qingwan well-guarded by Prince? Then, there’s no need to worry about her being touched by someone else…”

That indifference bearing as if she cared not one bit, stirred He Lian Jian Yu’s anger in an instant.

He Lian Jin Yu has no way how this woman did it. No matter what he says, he would be the one ending irritated.

At this realization, He Lian Jin Yu couldn’t help but feel frustrated…

“Third Prince Brother, you’ve arrived.” Behind him came He Lian Zi Xuan’s voice.

“Third Brother, you don’t look quite right. What’s the matter? What has angered you?” He Lian Zi Xuan has just arrived so he wasn’t aware of what was happening.

He Lian Jin Yu replied by the hardening of his gaze and as he narrowed his eyes to crinkled slits at Feng Chuge.

“Feng Chuge, this is the last time this Prince is warning you. You’d better behave!”

When his words fell, He Lian Jin Yu flung his sleeves aside ignoring He Lian Zi Xuan. He then marched straight to his own seat.

Feng Chuge tracked He Lian Jin Yu’s departure with a scoff. When she shifted gaze, her eyes met He Lian Zi Xuan staring fixedly at her….

“Fifth Prince… Your eyes are going to fall out.”

“You… Are you really Feng Chuge?”

“Yes, is the prince surprised?”

“Uh… I didn’t….. No… ” He Lian Zi Xuan shook his head and grinned. “Miss Feng is truly mysterious.”

“A man with faulty vision couldn’t really see what’s in front of him….” Feng Chuge answered back with her lips curving lightly on both ends.

He Lian Zi Xuan was rendered tong-tied for once.

That’s right. He saw her before.

Even after seeing her, he thought she was a hideous girl.

He Lian Zi Xuan tried to lighten up the mood, “It turned out that cousin is actually such a heavenly person…”

Yes, his brain must be rusty before that he thought Feng Chuge was one super ugly girl.

Everyone must know that the deceased Princess Jiande, Feng Chuge’s mother, once created sensations because of her beauty…

She’s Princess Jiande’s daughter, how could she be inferior?

He Lian Zi Xuan continued staring at Feng Chuge unaware that his own stare was turning a bit heated.

Sitting on the edge of Feng Chuge’s seat, Achen noticed the change and his eyes slightly tightened. A cold light flashed across his eyes….

“Wife, I want to eat that.” Achen suddenly latched himself to Feng Chuge and pointed to a fruit place on the table. One hand was drawn in the air, just enough to block He Lian Zi Xuan’s sight.

Although the child-like voice was awkward, there was no doubt it was domineering and somewhat indisputable.

Hearing his childish demand, He Lian Zi Xuan shifted his gaze and finally noticed the child sitting by the edge of Feng Chuge’s seat.

With just one look, his heart trembled.

This child is brimming with murderous intent!!

It’s just that….

Wife? This kid called Feng Chuge, wife?

He Lian Zi Xuan’s brows slightly wrinkled. He looked some more at Achen only to be met with his icy glare.

Trapped in his gaze, He Lian Zi Xuan felt like hail stones were running down his body, his whole body was chilled to the bones….

In a word, He Lian Zi Xuan’s heart was downright terrorized.

Achen quickly hang his head down brushing everything that happened in that few moments off. He just clutched Feng Chuge’s arms, leaning over to her as he waited to be served grapes. Feng Chuge even personally started peeling the grapes for him.

Feng Chuge has always find it hard to resist any of Achen’s demands.

One young lady and one child, it created a picture full of warmth.

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