EP – Chapter 79

Chapter 79: To torment that tramp

Before she could put a step into the station’s gate, a woman behind her ran over and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Where did you die last night? How dare you hang up on me? I’m mad at you!” Ye Qiao handed her an insulation box, “My mother’s sauté (don’t know if this is used properly), it’s still hot!”

Ning Xiaofei received the box, “Thank aunt for me. It wasn’t me who answered the phone last night. My phone was lost.”

“Really?” Ye Qiao frowned. “So what are you using now?”

“Let’s talk about it later.”

She wasn’t in the mood to spare a thought for her phone. At the mometn, she just wanted to talk to Director Ji Mo and inform him that she couldn’t ask those two masters and see what is there to do.

Despite this being a bet with Pei Ruoxi, she was willing to win or lose but she mustn’t affect the progress of the column group just because of this incident. She really have to approach Ji Mo and explain the situation.

If there’s no recourse, they’ll just have to change the guests.

Work should be work and personal matters should be dealt privately. Ji Mo has given her such a major task. For whatever purpose it was, she didn’t want to mess it up. If it failed just because of her, she couldn’t afford to take responsibility.

“Right!” Ye Qiao grabbed her arm, then took a piece of paper out of her pocket then handed it to her.”You can’t let us sisters down, torment that piece of tramp!”

“What tramp?”
“Pei Ruoxi, Pei that bastard, isn’t she ‘lowly Pei’?” Ye Qiao spelt it out with an evil smile.

Ning Xiaofei smiled and shook her head. She glanced down and read the content of the note where an address was written.

“What’s this?”

“Xicheng’s address!” Ye Qiao blinked her eyes at her. “Spending more than a year in the entertainment circle, your sister’s efforts weren’t in vain, right? He likes quiet places so he bought a piece of land by the lake and built a small manor to live in. These two days, he has been recording a new song so this man is now in A city. How about it, aren’t I amazing?!”

Ye Qiao smiled smugly but for a moment, the girl sighed again.

“He really is just too prominent. At most, I could only help you with finding this address. All that’s left is for you to figure out how to approach him. Let’s not discuss it, I have to do something first. Let’s go in.”
Not waiting for Ning Xiaofei to thank her, Ye Qiao turned and ran away.

Ning Xiaofei hugged the insulation box and took another glance a the note in her hand.

That pompous face of Xicheng flashed before her eyes and she immediately turned back on the road and retraced her way back to the subway station. No matter what, she first has to retrieve her phone before anything else.

That old mobile phone wasn’t worth any money. Though it would cost less to buy a new one, there were a lot of phone numbers and files on it… There are also some photos or something which are precious to her…

Without a phone to guide her, Ning Xiaofei had to asked two to three people before she finally found Xicheng’s manor.

At the entrance, the iron gate was closed. Ning Xiaofei looked from afar but discovered not guard in existence.

She cautiously approached the fence and peered in between, seeing a calm lake in the distance. A very modern two-story building was built by the lake. Beside the porch was that flaming red car that Xicheng drove yesterday.

The car was there so the owner must be in.

Returning to the front gate, she raised her hand to the button of the virtual doorbell. Her finger nearly touched the intercom when she retracted it.

That bastard would definitely not let her in if he knew it was her.

Looking back at the fence wall next to the front gate, Ning Xiaofei’s lips curved up.


Turning to the edge of the wall, she tightened the strap of her backpack and reached out then dangled at the railing, climbing over a low wall. She carefully went over the pointed spikes on the wall and jumped into the other side. Upon touching ground, she immediately headed towards the two-story building.



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