TOCH – Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Cruise ship casino

His decree rendered both Fang Chixia and Tong Yan astounded. The two’s eyes searched his face.

There wasn’t actually much difference between Luo Enqi and Luo Yibei’s disposition. Although they’re kind when talking to Tong Yan, they have never been genial to others.

But this special treatment towards Fang Chixia, Luo Enqi must have seen her in a different light.

This kind side of Luo Enqi, when Tong Yan thought of Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia’s hidden marriage, she didn’t take it as a good thing. It even worried her a little.

The Luo Family is such a large family in C city. Tong Yan herself was born in a respected family. Their family are obviously well-known so the older generations opinions on status vary.

At the moment, Luo Enqi is good to her since he was still in the dark as to the relationship between Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei. If he came to know of it, will it still be the case?

Fang Chixia had no plans of getting too close to the Luo’s. But now, suddenly being treated differently by Luo Enqi, she was totally uncomfortable.

Staring at him for a while, she found it hard to call him “Grandpa.”

Luo Enqi finished ordering their meal, glanced at her, and seemed to be waiting for her to open her mouth.

Fang Chixia remained silent for a while before whispering, “Grandpa.”

Her voice was very faint, and didn’t probably reach Luo Enqi’s ears.

Luo Enqi only smiled. Taking it that she was embarrassed, he didn’t make any more demands.

The three finished their meals in the restaurant after which Luo Enqi was sent back by Tong Yan.

Fang Chixia returned back to the villa and entered the house still a bit preoccupied.

“Finally willing to come back.” Luo Yibei was sitting on a wicker chair by the garden. Catching a glance of her, he spoke with another level of coldness, refreshing and cool.

“Oh.” Fang Chixia threw a faint response and then proceeded on her way inside. He stopped her however, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Fang Chixia was startled and stopped on her tracks, “Is something the matter?”

Luo Yibei stood up and walked up to her nonchalantly, then took her to his car.

He’s always been this way. Where to go or what they’re going to do, he’s never took the initiative to explain anything to her.

Fang Chixia also thought it a waste of saliva asking. After getting in the car, she left him do whatever it pleased him and said nothing.

The pair ended up arriving on a very secluded coast, with only one cruise ship docked at the pier.

A very large sea-sailing ship. Pure white, luxurious and notable, seems like a private cruise ship.

Shortly after their arrival, Shi Jinyang unexpectedly turned up too.

Fang Chixia glanced at him and then to Luo Yibei. She couldn’t understand what the two were doing.

“Remember to keep your word!” Luo Yibei reminded Shi Jinyang as they walked shoulder to shoulder while chatting.

“Win against me first before saying that again!” Shi Jinyang curled a lip and slowly continued to the ship.

Fang Chixia followed behind the two, silently marveling at the conversation between the two, and her eyebrows.

What were they talking about?

They’re going to compete?

The facilities on the cruise ship are well equipped and there were patrols like the Royal Guard in the corridors.

Seeing Shi Jinyang and Luo Yibei walking by, the people there were all respectful to both.

Luo Yibei walked ahead and led the two behind him to a place in the deck.

When they came up, the deck was evidently decorated beforehand, with the bow beautified with a wall of roses around the guardrails. With the exception of a delicate one in the middle, all were fiery Dallas red roses.

It was a Luois XIV French rose. The color was a delicate and bewitching purple red, unique and noble, mixed with the red roses, it presented a myriad of changes, out of the ordinary.

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