Chapter 78

Chapter 78: The world, was quiet!

Xichen raised his eyebrows and glanced at the back of the car. Upon noticing the flashing light behind him, he cursed loudly.


Stepping on the brakes at the red traffic light, he leaned over and found teh phone that was still screaming from a crack in the seat of the car. His eyes swept through the words “Qiao Meiren (Beauty Qiao)” on the screen and hung up the phone directly.

When the traffic light turned green, he turned right and drove the car to the lakeside manor where he lived. He stopped the car near the porch and pushed the car door to get off.

“I won’t pick you up, I won’t pick you up….”

That feminine voice rang again.

Stretching his arm and grabbing the phone, his brows snapped together and annoyance. He hung up the call, shut it down and lifted his hand… The phone drew a parabola in the air and landed in the trash can at the corner of the porch.

Now, the world is quiet!



When Ning Xiaofei finally stopped vomiting, she walked feebly into the subway station just in time to see the subway exiting the station.

She turned around and walked to a bench for a rest. She was about to sit on it when the aunt who was cleaning it waved at her.

“Little girl, don’t wait. That, just now was the last trip.”

People with bad luck really have to drink cold water and grit their teeth. Today, all bad luck has caught up with her.

Ning Xiaofei had to lift her butt that had not yet reached the bench yet again, dragging heavy footsteps to crawl out of the subway station. She reached out for her phone ready to call a cab.

Her hand stretched into her pocket and only found her wallet. She pockets were rummaged several times but not a shadow of her phone was found.

Are you kidding me?!

After being driven dizzy by Xicheng, she had forgotten that her phone fell down. She forgot about it and rushed to the subway station in spite of the rain after her retching a moment ago. Her waist was all but ben but couldn’t find her mobile phone.

It was still with her when she called Mu Tianye, then she went to the bus….

She carefully call to mind what had happened, and finally remembered the phone slipping in Xicheng’s car.

This was a suburban area. The last trip of the subway station has already left and this was no good place to find taxis. How was she to go home?

She raised a hand to wipe off the rain on her face. Ning Xiaofei looked around and finally noticed a bus. She immediately marched forward following the bus till she reached a bus stop. Shrinking under the bus stop, she waited for more than 10 minutes, waited for the night bus back to the city….

After so much trouble, when she finally reached the Lanting Apartment, it was already in the early hours of the morning. Her clothes had long been drenched because of changing transports and walking in the night road while it was raining.

Shivering as she took off the wet coat she was wearing, she pulled over a blanket, wrapped it around her body and gnashed her teeth as she tried to warm herself up.

“Xichent, just you wait. I’m not done with you… Ah, choooo!”

With that declaration, it was followed by a series of sneezes. She tightened the blanket and got up. She headed into the kitchen, opened the fridge and found ginger and brown sugar, thinking of preparing a bowl of ginger soup.

Looking at the chopped ginger on the table, she suddenly thought of Mu Tianye, picturing his calm expression, letting her drink hot ginger soup….

She cringed and sniffed. She sighed and then silently cut another two slices of ginger.

No one cares, who would see her weak?

Take care of herself and be stronger is more importan than anything else!



Despite drinking ginger soup before turning in for the night, Ning Xiaofei still woke up with a bit of a headache early in the morning.

Although reluctant to get up a thousand times at heart, she still clenched her teeth and climbed down the bed. She simply washed up and with no appetite, she only drank a mouthful of hot water and started to the TV station.


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