EP – Chapter 77

Chapter 77: People like you

Without waiting for him to sit, Ning Xiaofei ran after him in the opposite direction, opened the door and sat next to the driver’s seat.

Xicheng just turned sideways when he found her sitting in his car. His hand holding the steering wheel clenched all at once, even the blue veins on the back of his hands were highlighted by the strength.


If it weren’t for her being a girl, he would have kicked her out of his car!

Ning Xiaofei pulled the seatbelt and buckled herself up. Then, she crossed her arms.

“Either apologizze or I’ll call the police!” She pressed three numbers and neatly swung her phone’s screen before him, “which do you prefer?”

Xicheng remained silent. He lifted his right hand and with a ‘tick’, the doors were automaticall locked.

She wants a ride in his car, doesn’t she?

Then, he’ll let her sit and satisfy her craving!

The same right hand stretched over to start the car, and with his toes stepping on the throttle, the car went off like a Mustang, instantly speeding up and rushed into the driveway.

With an car engine made for speed, it has accelerated and already broken 100 in three seconds.

Under the inertia, Ning Xiaofei slammed back on her seat, her mobile phone fell off her hand and hit her knees. She reached out to grab it but the car swerved to the left and beautifully drifted over a bend with high-speed.

Her phone flew out and landed on the middle of the armrest and slipped.

“You’re out of your mind!” Ning Xiaofei screamed, watching the car almost hit another car in front of her. As she mentioned that, her eyes were blinded and her throat immediately clammed up at the sight of the car in front. She closed her eyes in fright and screamed out loud, “Stop!”

At less than two meters from the front of the car, Xicheng changed gears steering the wheel and turned to the other side of the driveway.

Ning Xiaofei just opened her eyes only to see a vehicle charging across the fog like a mad cow, racing for the truck in front of it.


She screamed again and her little face instantly paled.


Listening to the screaming of the girl on the copilot seat, Xicheng didn’t only slow down but also sped even faster.

Changing gears, drifting over bends, switching lanes….

The car was akin to a flying fish on the highway. Ning Xiaofei on the passenger seat couldn’t stand it anymore. When the car finally drove down the open highway, her head was already spinning around, and her chest was churning violently.

Hearing her nauseous voice, Xicheng hurriedly pulled over on the side of the door and released the door lock.

“Get out when you puke!”

This car was just recently bought. He has driven this car today for the very first time. If this dead woman dares to vomit in his car, he’ll kill her.

Covering her mouth, Ning Xiaofei opened the door. The moment her feet touched ground, she fell on her knees and retched.

Xicheng frowned watching the girl kneeling on the ground vomiting. But there was no pity in his eyes.

“Let me tell you, people like you are what I hate the most!”

Ning Xiaofei wiped her lips and raised her face to look at him.

“People like me, can you elaborate on that?!”

“You doing this, isn’t it just so I would go to your show? For the sake of you being a girl, I’ll let it go this time. Don’t show up in front of me again!”

Ning Xiaofei wanted so much to retort, but her belly went haywire again, so she bowed down and vomited once more.

Frowning in disgust, Xicheng turned his attention back to his car quickly reversing and then glanced at Ning Xiaofei again who was still lying on the ground.

His dainty long eyebrows snapped together. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water and threw it from the open window to her side. He took a glance at the subway station not far away and stepped on the throttle, driving away.

All the way forward, the rain grew heavier and he had to turn on the wiper.

Behind his car, a scream from a feminine voice suddenly broke the silence.

“I won’t pick you up, I won’t pick you up, I won’t pick up your call. I’ll answer other’s calls, I just won’t pick up your call…”

3 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 77”

  1. No! Bad timing, husband!

    Please don’t answer the phone, Xicheng. I know you will, but please don’t.

    Thank you for the chapter!


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