TOCH – Chapter 211

Chapter 211: See who I am

She wasn’t sure if Shi Jinyang was not sitting steady or that she had pushed to hard, but he was knocked down into the seat.

Flustered at this turn of events, Tong Yan hurriedly tried extended her arm in an attempt to pull him which led her to fall into the chair all together with him.

They ended up with one on top and one at the bottom.

With Tong Yan’s fall, her nead nestled just on his chest, while Shi JInyang’s arm surrounded her body.

Tong Yan may be regarded as a demure type of a girl, but, in their current predicament, even though they were familiar with each other for, it was still an ambiguous picture.

Shi Jinyang’s body was stretched tight as a bow string, scalding like soldering iron. Tong Yan also wasn’t a 15 or 16 girl so for some things, even if she was unresponsive at first, with a little more thought, she could guess what it stands for.

Could this be a reaction?

Fowl, beast!

“Shi Jinyang, let me go!” She turned her head and flung her gaze at the hand around her. She tried to break free.

Shi Jinyang paid no heed to her and buried his face deep into the nook of her neck and kept on nuzzling against her.

He did nothing more out of ordinary but only hugged her. The strength on his arms however were too strong for comfort that Tong Yan was felt certain, bruises would be embedded deep in her waist.

Tong Yan was left immobile. Her waist was so sore, her cheek was constantly smashed by the heat from his breathing, hot and scalding, similar to a steam spewed out directly onto her face. Tong Yan was being driven mad by him.

“Shi Jinyang, if you have anything to say, see clearly who I am!” Tong Yan stopped her struggles and propped herself up, her two hands resting on his chest and tried to reason with him.

Shi Jinyang glanced down at her, his eyes clouded with a layer of mist.

After staring right back at her for a moment, his fingertips clasped her chin and slowly brought his face towards her, “Right, who are you?”

The indescribable hoarseness coating her words were carelessly worded out with goblin charm.

Tong Yan was dumbstruck. She leaned backward reflexively and questioned back, “Who do you think I am?”

Shi Jinyang caught hold of her head and imprisoned her face in between his palms. He forced her to meet his handsome face once more as he tilted his own, stopping at a distance from the tip of her nose. He softly whispered, “What do you think?”

He spoke so very slow sounding like he was flirting.

“Let go of me in three seconds, otherwise…” Tong Yan was flushed red and but forced herself to calm down. She was thinking whether to slap him above or below when Shi Jinyang loosened his hold, followed by a word, “Hospital!”

His voice lowered some more hinting at a repressed pain. Even the sweat on his forehead was even more fierce.

Tong Yan was first startled. She stared motionless at his face and combining his previous rhetorical questions, she couldn’t help but ask, “You wouldn’t have been drugged, were you?”

“Drive!” Shi Jinyang pushed her out of the car.

His complexion was already ugly and his clothes were soaking wet.

Tong Yan didn’t dare tarry any longer. She opened the car door and sat herself on the driver’s seat. She then took the way to the hospital and disappeared away from the Mountain Resort.

Upon arriving at the nearest hospital, she sent him to the ward, then watched as doctors went in and out of the ward one by one. Tong Yan wasn’t certain of his condition so she decided to accompany him in the ward.

She had thought that after he would wake up, she’d be able to leave. She never expected that until midnight, no one had left yet.


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