TOCH – Chapter 205-206

Chapter 205: Like her taking the initiative

This question, quieted Fang Chixia.

She has never troubled herself asking Luo Yibei questions regarding these matters and Luo Yibei in turn never inform his whereabouts on his own, how would she know?

Xiao Zuo examined her response and gave a dismissive wave of his hand, “Forget it, just looking at your face, it’s not like you know it.”

Squatting before her and then scooping Tuantuan into his hold to play around, he looked up again and couldn’t help but stare at her.

Satisfied with the result of his efforts after giving her the once-over, he counseled thoughtfully, “You see, aren’t you looking good now? Loving Yibei brother isn’t your fault but not being proactive is your main issue. Don’t you know the number of people in the entire C city who are dream longingly of being close to Yibei brother?”

“Although I couldn’t figure out what led Yibei brother to kindly bring you back, but since you’re already in, you have to make full use of various conditions. The pavilion closes to the water enjoys moonlight first, do you get it? It’s no luck for another woman to come in!”

He educated Fang Chixia with schemes and stratagems. And in between his speeches, he unconsciously interject his bewilderment and took on the tone of being at a loss as to why Luo Yibei had a special place in her heart.

Fang Chixia was utterly speechless.

Since when had she liked Luo Yibei?

“Xiao Zuo, stop watching those 8:00 soap operas in the future. Watch Tom and Jerry. You’re still young so don’t bet used to being precocious.” Sidestepping what nonsense he spouted, Fang Chixia directly pointed out the TV series which are ideally classified for many young adult viewers.

The corner of Xiao Zuo’s eyes twitched with an expression of disbelief more comical than hers, he climbed up on the sofa and sat next to her again.

Taking his phone to look at the time, he continued on with his preaching without pause, “My big brother Yibei has always been difficult to deal with. When you are living here, you have to be careful but don’t be afraid. But, I’m afraid, with a woman like you, I’m certain my brother would be too lazy to hang out with you.”

He has always spoken this way. He would start off with good intentions, but as he progresses, he would never forget inject some criticisms for Fang Chixia.

Looking sideways, it was obvious that he couldn’t bare looking away, but his mouth would spout his dislikes.

He has portrayed the word duplicity flawlessly.

Too lazy to continue squabbling with him, Fang Chixia scooped Tuantuan into her arms and gently smoothed its hair. She then asked casually, “By the way, Xiao Zuo, how come you suddenly came over tonight?”

With her marriage with Luo Yibei gone for such a period of time, there was basically no one that has visited the villa. But now, Xiao Zuo suddenly appeared without any accompaniment from a family member, as if he had made a special trip.

In truth, Xiao Zuo came after receiving that phone call from Luo Yibei. Luo Yibei only asked him to come over at that time but mentioned nothing on what to do.

With so many accomplishments after he has arrived, everything has been his own initiative and has nothing to do with Luo Yibei at all.

However, he wouldn’t reveal that much to Fang Chixia. He only replied with his usual cool tone, “I wanted to come.”

Fang Chixia went silent at his answer but didn’t ponder long on this matter.

Although she’s been tossed about here and there, but with Xiao Zuo’s presence tonight, the villa has been more lively.

At least she hasn’t felt deserted as when she’s alone.

It was already deep into the night. Xiao Zuo yawned and rested his little head on her shoulder, dozing off while leaning against her to wait for Luo Yibei.


Chapter 206: A glass of spiked wine

Dazed and drowsy, he was clearly sleepy but he kept chatting with her.

Xiao Zuo’s character was unlike Luo Yibei’s at all. Although he also was rather indifferent, but when it comes to speaking, he was more talkative compared to Luo Yibei.

If you are familiar with him, he can put all his things down and tell you everything there is to tell around him.

How many people there are in the Luo Family, the characteristics of each Luo Family member, their living habits and so on, their likes and dislikes, he would pour all the beans out even without you asking.

With him so forthcoming, Fang Chixia chose to listen casually.

In the back of her mind, knowing more she thought wasn’t a bad ideal. At the least, if she encounters someone again in the future, she won’t end up embarrassing herself as the last time with the Baby thing.

At the top of mountain in a certain resort, the environment was still very lively.

Luo Yibei has been chatting with Shi Jinyang since his arrival. Since both of them work in Rongxi, there have been many private contacts. Even those with them tonight were related to them so there was no absence of topic they could talk about.

There were also a lot of rich women in C city tonight, the so-called socialite daughters.

What kind of person Luo Yibei was, there was probably no one in the party who was unaware.

Since his appearance, many women’s eyes have rested on him and have never been removed.

Several times, some were courageous enough to come up and chat him up only to be scared away by his cold and indifferent aura. They scuttled away.

It has been hours and it was probably someone who couldn’t resist it and finally a more daring woman who had plucked her courage made her way in his direction.

The daughter of a multinational group in C city, Lu Yuan, her family is a famous door that has risen up in the past few years and is regarded as part of the nouveau riche.

As she approached, a waiter with a tray just passed by her.

Lu Yuan’s eyes moved with him, staring at the man’s tray of wine and then at him serving one of the glasses. Looking at the glass left behind nonchalantly and also taking advantage of the waiter’s diverted attention, her body tilted slightly and dipped her fingertips with a drug into the glass.

“Help me give this glass of wine to Master Luo. Just say it’s on me!” Gently shaking the glass, Lu Yuan handed it to the waiter and gave him a tip as a sly curvature formed at the corner of her lips.

The waiter was in fact used to working on such occasions. Even if he didn’t see her slip the medicine into the wine, but the moment she picked up the glass and made some strange movements before handing it to him, he could guess that the glass has been tampered with.

However, the people in this party were all prominent which were not to be offended. Even if the waiter was well aware of it, he could only do as he was told.

Taking the glass of wine to Luo Yibei, he handed it to him and respectfully imparted, “Master Luo, this glass of wine is from Miss Lu. She asked me to hand it to you!”

The Lu Family has a lot of business dealings with the Luo Family. But Miss Lu’s father has not had much contact with the Luo Family.

This toast from Lu Yuan, on its merits was nothing strange. Taking into the account the future collaborations between the two families, this wine was also sensible.

That being said, Luo Yibei stared at the glass of wine but didn’t receive it immediately.

Lu Yuan stood not far away, quietly observing his reaction as her heart went thump, thump.

After waiting for a while and he still didn’t accept it, she took several steps forward and smiled prettily, “Master Luo, won’t you give me face and appreciate a glass of wine?”

Luo Yibei raised his head and gave her a faint look. His eyes swam across her face at a leisurely pace. When he opened his mouth, his words went across sharp and poisonous, “My face, can you afford it?”


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