TOCH – Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Young Master Xiao Zuo’s special hobby

A few maids on the side while helping her couldn’t help chuckling, “I still couldn’t get over young master Zuo’s special hobby.”

“Yes, yes, he’s only a few years old but so savvy.”

“Looking for a woman is looking for a woman but alas, he’s always had a good eye, how come this time…”

With that said, she glanced at Fang Chixia with contempt.

By all accounts, Fang Chixia, a girl who couldn’t dress herself well, even the servants of the Luo family are looking down on her.

Fang Chixia put on a slightly sloppy posture, listening to the discussion going on among the servants. After they have finished talking, she lifted her chilly gaze.

“Are you done?” She asked, sweeping the meddlesome faces of several people with an icy stare.

Fang Chixia’s feminine features have always given people quite a harmless front, a very youthful girl.

However, once provoked, a chilly air would strike people she was staring at.

The group of maids was startled at the change in her countenance. They shrank with uneasiness, shut their mouth and uttered not a word.

They went on with their pressing and tossing for a while, and even carefully painted her nails. Afterwards, the few people surrounded her and went down.

Down the stairs, Xiao Zuo was holding Tuantuan in the reprimand.

He was most discontent with the size of the little kitty, which he thought is too fat. He was holding on to two paws and had been tugging at the lump, helping it exercise.

Hearing the footsteps coming down the stairs and the sight of one person, the cat was all but forgotten.

Fang Chixia was born beautiful, a natural kind of beauty encompassing youthfulness and vivacity.

With a little make up on, coupled with the right dress, the stunning impact would be one unforgettable moment.

Xiao Zuo fixed his gaze on the troop of maids crowding her on the staircase as they walked down, his usual nitpicking style when it comes to facial appearance, at the moment has actually gone out of sorts.

Fang Chixia was garbed in a very simple aqua-green dress with not much modifications. Her hair was blown slightly down and scattered on her shoulders while her face has a touch of little makeup.

There was not much difference from her usual self actually. However, after being tossed about by several maids for so long and undergoing special skin care, at the moment, her appearance looks much better with her rosy cheeks, looking refreshed.

Tuantuan and Xiao Zuo together where leaning head to head watching her, and even their eyes didn’t blink for a moment, the picture of being dazed.

The few maids took in Xiao Zuo’s reaction and interpreted it as their young master’s satisfaction with their task. They then proceeded downstairs and left.

Before leaving, a maid couldn’t help but squeeze out a tease, “Young master, you are still very young, some things, you have to take it easy.”

With that said, she covered her mouth and went out with a snicker.

Her words were so suggestive and with a child as smart as Xiao Zuo, naturally, he understood immediately after listening.

“What are you talking about? She’s for my brother!” Roaring at the back of the maids, Xiao Zuo’s embarrassed face burst red.

The group of maids went out of the door giving no impression of having heard him. They were still chuckling by the doorway and their laughter rang around the villa.

Xiao Zuo was so mad, his face brightened even redder. He wanted to rush out to reprimand them but was restrained by Fang Chixia.

“What good about getting angry at those people?” Holding him back, she forced him down and then collected Tuantuan.

Xiao Zuo obeyed her and sat down beside her, “When is Yibei brother coming back?”

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 204”

  1. Xiao Zuo brother Yibei doesn’t need much to push him over the edge when it is related to Chixia. After seeing her this way….what will he do??????
    Thank you for this update


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