Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Full body makeover

The two people tossed the poor Tuantuan around for a while before hearing the doorbell ringing.

Xiao Zuo happily ran out and opened the door then led a string of servants into the house.

All the maids probably had an inkling as to what Xiao Zuo’s purpose was in asking them over so when they entered the door, each was holding a diverse range of items, clothes and jewelry.

The little master Xiao Zuo directed the group into the living room. He then pulled Fang Chixia up, examined her hands and nails, explored her hair, and smack of a customer who found himself a defective product in the vegetable market, he affirmed, “Palms are so rough, not delicate enough, hair is not smooth enough, skin is a bit dry, I’ll hand her over to you!”

Glancing over his shoulder to one of the maids, “Do you know what to do?”

“Young Master, we understand!” The maid on the side nodded respectfully and proceeded upstairs while dragging Fang Chixia.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Let go of me, I do not need this!”

“Xiao Zuo, make them stop!”

Fang Chixia never expected Xiao Zuo to have called people over just for this cause. After struggling in the hands of several maids with no success, her eyes turned pleadingly at Xiao Zuo.

He turned a deaf ear and went to play with Tuantuan unconcernedly, “Look at you, you are all so fat, you’re totally out of shape. When you go out, never say you are part of the Luo Family.”

In spite of the fact that Xiao Zuo is still too young, when it comes to standards, even a domestic pet, he wouldn’t let off.

Knowing that Tuantuan has been indulged by Fang Chixia, he too considered it a disgrace, in the same league as Fang Chixia who wasn’t dressed well.

“I said, let go of me, didn’t you hear?” Upstairs, Fang Chixia’s voice came again, her refusal sounding a bit furious.

“Sorry, we only listen to the young master’s command.” A maid answered her, and half-dragged her to the guest room.

The group consisting of several people and were also tall, Fang Chixia with her slender figure, on strength alone, was not much even after struggling.

In desperation, she walked in with the group and with a blank expression let them prick and prod.

However, watching Fang Chixia in her cheap apparel, the approach of the group took another turn.

Upon entering the room, they took her to the bathroom, undressed her with difficulty and pressed her lying in the bathtub.

“What do you think are you doing?” Already pissed off at the group of maids, Fang Chixia had the feeling of a concubine, being spruced up to await the emperor in the harem.

“What is it? This is such an opportunity so better enjoy it. This something other women are dying for.” A maid replied, picked her arm up and helped her dry herself with a towel.

While wiping, she couldn’t help but comment, “This hands is really dry, what a wasted good skin tone.”

Fang Chixia glared at her but kept her mouth shut.

She’s got good skin from childhood to adolescence. Where is it ruined? These people have problems with their eyes, don’t they?

The several maids, brushing off her resistance, helped her scrub her arms and body all over, and then smeared a lot of cosmetics she had no idea about, and then went on with an oil massage.

Her whole body whiffed of cool orange blossom oil. She was then pressed on in front of a mirror for her hair treatment. They even brought out several sets of clothes for her to try on.




3 thoughts on “Chapter 203”

  1. Chap 3000+ complete? Long way to go .. hope the trnaslator never tired .. and dont stop .. thnk u fr the chp


  2. Little Brother knows how to prepare a package.He must really like Chixia to have thought of doing this to help his big brother to settle on her.
    Thank you for this chapter


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