Chapter 36

Chapter 36: It’s mine.……

Talking is a delicate woman in yellow dress. At this moment, she looked excitedly at the snow-white cat in the cage. “How much is this cat? I want it!”

“Girl, this cat already has a master….” The old man in black answered faintly.

As he mentioned the cat’s master, the old man turned his gaze at the blue-clad woman in front of him. Shui Yuer understood that the so-called master, was the woman standing with her back to her.

Shui Yuer is the only daughter of the Shui family.

The Master of the Shui family had three sons before finally having this daughter. He had always been indulgent to her since she was a child. Because of this, her temper has always inclined to being extremely arrogant and spoiled. Once she spotted something she likes, she won’t give up until she owns it!

She stepped forward, “Hey, how much money did you pay? Give me this kitty, I’ll give you double the money!”

Her demeanor was entirely arrogant, her whole person deeming herself lofty with her head high and completely confident.

Feng Chuge was just about to turn her head when she caught sight of the kitty’s watery eyes staring at her, as if imploring her not to do anything rashly.

After realizing her own thoughts, Feng Chuge was slightly startled.

That’s right, this cat seems to be extremely familiar with human nature!

“Hey, did you hear me? This cat, I want it!” Seeing that Feng Chuge wasn’t giving any response, Shui Yuer opened her mouth once more.

“It’s mine…..” Feng Chuge turned her chilly gaze and narrowed her eyes on Shui Yuer then scrutinized the man beside her.

Those icy blades stopped Shui Yuer for a moment.

What made her stand in place was Feng Chuge’s appearance.

Shui Yuer admits that her appearance is already superior, but comparing it to the woman in front of her, it’s totally less than one-tenth!

Not only Shui Yuer, Shui Wuji was also stunned with Feng Chuge’s astonishing looks….

Feng Chuge ignored their reactions and moved towards the old man, “Old man, this cat, I want it.”

“Ha ha…. Okay” The old man chuckled good-naturedly. He turned to the basket and handed her the cage, “In the future, the girl has to be kind to it… It does have and affinity with you.”

“Don’t worry, old man, I will treat it well.” Feng Chuge replied. She reached out and picked the snow-white kitten akin to a meat ball.

The kitten had just touched the tip of Feng Chuge’s hand and it ‘rubbed’ itself to her, then directly hurled itself into Feng Chuge’s bosom.

Shui Yuer watched her coveted kitty throw itself into another’s arms and rage boiled within her.

She stomped her feet and shouted, “Hey, did you hear what I said? This cat, I’ll take it! I’ll pay twice as much, give it to me!”

The shrill voice pierced Feng Chuge’s eardrums.

“Not selling.” Feng Chuge retorted and moved her steps forward, continuing to exit.

Zilan and the others also followed behind her.

“Why is this person so ungrateful?” Being snubbed by her opponent really stoked the anger within Shui Yuer.

“Brother! I want that cat.” Shui Yuer turned her demand to the man standing beside her.

Shui Wuji was very clear of his sister’s temper. If she can’t get her hands on what attracted her, he’s afraid she’ll turn everything upside down.

He braced himself and made a feeble attempt, “My lady… I know that this request is very rude, but my little sister has taken a liking of the cat. In this way, if doubling the money isn’t enough, you ask whether four times or whatever amount my lady prefers, so long as you can give it to us.”


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