TOCH – Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Like playing an exquisite toy

His movements were slow, like playing with one of the most exquisite toys, his fingertips stroked along her hairline. She wasn’t sure whether it was deliberate but several times, his fingertips grazed her nape.

The coolness of his hands which were in harmony with mountain spring water, dawdled through her skin, arousing tiny bit of waves on Fang Chixia’s sensitive nape, inducing a light pinkish blush which later turned into a layer of rosiness.

Luo Yibei sedately feasted his eyes on her reactions, his hand on her head carrying on with their pursuit, but at the same time becoming slower and slower, especially when the fingertips where brushing against her nape.

Fang Chixia’s breathing has already turned ragged and her chest began moving in irregular undulations.

The corner of Luo Yibei’s lips evoked a radiance perfectly satisfied with her reaction.

This girl is so sensitive…

In the periphery of her vision, Fang Chixia noticed that arc on his lips. With face full of embarrassment, she stood up in a flurry, calmed herself quickly and darted off into the house as if nothing happened, “I’ll go see what Tuantuan is up to.”

Her back was ramrod straight presenting a nonchalant façade, but her footsteps faded away so quickly having the signs of escaping.

Luo Yibei’s hands fell through the air and slender fingertips stroked that perfect chin, reminiscing the touch of her skin just now, his lips slowly curving upwards.

However, at the thought of the reason for her departure, the expression on his face slowly solidified.


She was already aroused by him but she still have the mind to look for a tiny feline?

Feeling insulted, he stood up and leisurely sauntered into the house. At the same time, the ringing of his phone pealed in his pocket, “Bei Shaoye, where are you? Where are you? Come out with us! I and my brothers are on top of a mountain!” Shi Luo’s lively voice came from the other end of the phone.

His kind invitation was accompanied by bursts of laughter on the background hinting at a group of people gathered.

Whether it’s the Luo Family, Shi Family or the Tong Family, gathering together for a walk or climb like this is a usual happening.

On a rare moment of peace, if Luo Yibei has received a call like today, he would go directly and join in. However, at this moment, his eyes betrayed him and looked in the direction where Fang Chixia disappeared.

It’s Saturday and both are at home. If he’s gone, she’ll be alone.

Fang Chixia was sitting on the sofa with Tuantuan slumbering in her arms, meeting his eyes and guessing what he wanted to say, she spoke first, “Are you going out? Just go, I’ve got a lot of work to do later.”

She was actually quite happy to see him leaving, at least, as soon as he’s gone, she wouldn’t have to be embarrassed at all times.

Since she said so, Luo Yibei drove away afterwards.

Arriving at the Shi Luo’s holiday resort he saw some very familiar friends.

Shi Luo has always taken the look of a ruffian. When Luo Yibei turned up, he had his hands on a woman’s shoulders playing a game.

Seeing Luo Yibei, he invited solicitously, “Bei Shaoye, come on, come on!”

Luo Yibei just took a glimpse of him and sat down in a secluded corner.

Shi Jinyang was also present but unlike his brother, he wouldn’t be so unscrupulous. He has his own principle, especially when it comes to women, he has always remained pure and incorruptible.

To be more precise, an average kind of woman wouldn’t even enter his eyes.



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