Chapter 198 & 199

Chapter 198: Wresting away her fruits of labor

The dining table was round, and for the convenience of eating, Fang Chixia was close to him.

She probably wasn’t paying attention to herself so both of them were stuck.

Detecting the unmoving Luo Yibei who was just staring at her, Fang Chixia froze a bit.

Her eyes stilled and then followed his line of sight. At the glimpse of their bodies so close to each other, her face turned slightly abashed.

“I’ll just sit across!” She rose with her plate and casually returned to her place just now.

All the same, throughout the whole breakfast, the chair swayed again and again with her ending totally vexed.

Why did she go through all the work she had done most of the morning and ended up with him enjoying the fruits of her labor?

At breakfast, Fang Chixia ate with exasperation.

Comfortably lying down on the top finally, stretching her hands and feet at first wanting to occupy the sofa as he did before, but feeling that her behavior was totally childish, her hands and feet that were stretched out shrunk back.

Sitting down on the sofa, she took a magazine and flipped through the pages, giving some room for him.

Being with him for some time, Fang Chixia has already a clear understanding of Luo Yibei’s disposition.

She thought that if she were really to snatch the seat on the sofa, Luo Yibei might just directly pick her up and throw her away.

The magazine she has randomly picked was a financial one, the piles and piles of digits made her dizzy and in a want for some rest.

Plus, she got up really early this morning. After a while, she really did fall asleep.

Luo Yibei stayed indoors for a period of time. When he emerged, her head was resting on the back of the sofa with her eyes closed.

It was windy in the garden, and her hair was a little unkempt, and a few strands of hair brushed against her cheeks every now and then, like a feather scratching her face, but it made Luo Yibei’s heart tingle.

Step by step closer to her, he sat down beside her and calmly looked at her face. Without warning, his hand lifted up and discreetly brushed the wisps of hair behind her ears.

His fintertips interspersed into her hair as Luo Yibei gatheres a handful to play with. He stayed there looking fixedly at her face.

The texture of her hair was really fine, soft like the touch of silk sliding through his fingertips. Her hair color wasn’t the dark black, but more like natural dark brown, comparable closedly to the color of chocolate.

Her hair has a very light and very light fragrance, same as her body fragrance, not the taste of shower gel, but more natural, an intoxicating sweetness.

There was no signs of Fang Chixia waking up. The hair on his fingertips were entangled and then unraveled, curled and then released, again and again. He did so several times but with only a slight tremor, her eyes remained closed with only her head drifting downwards.

A movement that yielded to the hair wrapped around Luo Yibei’s fingertips slipping off with the deflection of her body, breaking away from his hand, unfolding in a slight arc in the air, before gently lying back on her shoulder.

Luo Yibei’s forehead creased. Moving stiffly nearer, his fingertips were inserted into her hair once more.

Capturing her head, he forced her face towards himself. He bent over and his thin lips brushed past her hair before his eyes fell to her lips.

The warmth of her lips when he claimed them last night, with a touch of fragrance, delectable, that of a pudding, is still clear on his mind.

Chapter 199: Hands off

After a while of soundless watching, Luo Yibei closed in for another kiss. The unresponsive Fang Chixia however, chose the moment to awaken.

Luo Yibei halted in his descent as his eyes flickered up to her eyes.

Fang Chixia blinked in confusion, still in the state of sleepiness and was unsure how she found herself in such as a situation upon waking up.

Looking at each other’s eyes, quietly watching the flares deep within, she froze for a few seconds before pushing him away and distancing herself away from his, her face burning in embarrassment.

“Wake up.” Luo Yibei whispered a tad lazily, sounding cheery at her discomfort.

“En.” Fang Chixia averted her eyes elsewhere. She tilted her head slightly sideways, closed her eyes and continued napping ignoring his presence.

Her hair was loosely tied so when her head tipped down, strands of hair slithered from the hairline, and her soft, long hair discreetly scattered on her shoulders.

With the gentle breeze blowing, her hair was once again blown disorderly with several wisps sent restlessly fluttering against her cheeks, stirring small clear shallow arcs, gently soft.

Though disheveled, it made someone’s heart throb, titillating him.

Black hair and blushing lips, skin white as snow, Fang Chixia at the moment, let Luo Yibei picture how she has appeared last night. She stood in the middle of the night with her long hair billowing in the wind, that picture was truly mind-blowing.

Watching her sleep, Luo Yibei raised his hand and then pulled off an unusual gesture —

His big hand went over her head and deliberately tousled her hair. He watched as strands rose with the blowing of the wind, some fluttering past her lustrous lips, before landing on them, he stretched his hand again.

Fang Chixia closed her eyes, to distance herself and just to get away from him. Since she wasn’t quite fast asleep, her eyes swaged wide open and found herself speechless in the oddity of his actions.

Luo Yibei played with her hair, his big hand mussing her head repeatedly rendering her head ruffled dishevelledly, like a pile of grass.

For the life of her, Fang Chixia couldn’t make sense of what he was doing so woodenly, she turned to the side and asked him stonily, “What are you doing?”

Questioned suddenly after a while, Luo Yibei made no point for introspection. The hand covering her head remained in place.

Fingertips later tucked a silky strand blocking her cheek behind her ear before he answered passively, “I’m helping you fix your hair.”

His hands put on airs like geographers to sort out her hair, as if there was nothing wrong with it, he continued to lift strands of hair and tuck them appreciatively.

“Hands off!” Fang Chixia narrowed her eyes on his hand, her eyes spitting fire.

She must really be angry as her jaws were clenched tight.

What did he take her for? A kitty? A puppy?

Luo Yibei shot a glance down at her and must have realized that his behavior went too far, but he still didn’t withdraw his hand.

Somewhat enraged, Fang Chixia lifted her own hands to brush his hands away except Luo Yibei took her hand and wrapped it around his neck at the same time he hoisted her up to his long legs.

Taken unawares, Fang Chixia looked up to his face with an astounded expression lingering on her face.

Luo Yibei remained taciturn and resumed his mission, fixing her hair nonchalantly, smoothing every wisp back, stroking each meticulously.


PS: Please ignore the simplicity of my vocabulary. Hahaha, after translating for some time, I found out, my English vocabulary is totally mediocre. How I wish, I’m one of those talented writers….


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  1. Ahh, but the talent of writing is not complexity of words but the flow and build up of emotion those words have. Also too complex words can distract from flow and comprehension of writing.

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