EP – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Half of his profile

Not daring to neglect, Ning Xiaofei grabbed her phone and rushed out of the café.

This matter was more than just a gamble. This column was something she was in charge of for the first time. Of course, Ning Xiaofei must be responsible for it.

If after two weeks of preparation and the guests were still not invited, what would happen to the column if interviews weren’t to happen?

Trotting all the way to the entrance of the underground parking lot, she rushed and saw the security standing at attention in front of the security kiosk.

Beside him, a sign written in huge font size says “Non-internal vehicles, please register.”

In order to protect the privacy of their artists enabling them to have a safe working environment, Teiji has always been tight in their security to prevent any presence of journalists affecting the normal operations of the company.

Ning Xiaofei to look at the time just in time to see a turning signal from an oncoming van which has just drove at the entrance.

The security guard immediately ushered them in, smiling as he walked towards them.

The car window opened and the person inside exchanged smiles with each other.

“Master Li, you’re on the morning shift today!”

The driver was responsible for water delivery and was often at the building. He and the security guard are very familiar with each other.

Seeing this opportunity, Ning Xiaofei crouched low and slid by the side of the car.

Seeing this opportunity, Ning Xiaofei crouched low and nimbly slid by the side of the car.

She hid from the security guard and the driver and climbed through the car park barrier then sneaked into the underground parking lot.

She quickly hid behind a pillar and quietly peeped out to ensure that the security didn’t notice her. She gave a sigh of relief, straightened up and slowly sneaked deeping into the parking lot, looking for a remote corner to wait.

Making use of a wall as her cover, she stuck her head out to explore and observe the entrance.

Ning Xiaofei has some experience as a reporter. Although she has never been an entertainment paparazzi, she was clear that a big star like Xichen wouldn’t possibly walk nonchalantly in front of reporters for a candid photo. He will definitely arrive at the parking lot then go directly upstairs.

If she could intercept him on his way upstairs, there is a possibility that she could state her intentions.

With arms against the wall, Ning Xiaofei waited anxiously.

A few minutes passed, except for the van for the water delivery, no other cars has entered yet.

Just when she couldn’t help but wonder if she has guessed wrong ,that Xicheng wouldn’t be coming into the parking lot but will enter the lobby upstairs, a car suddenly drove into the entrance of the parking lot.

It was a Lamborghini URUS, with red-hot body, a rare off-rode model of Lamborghini, wild yet domineering.

Ning Xiaofei’s eyes have just fixed on the driver when the car already sped past in front of her, leaving the wind and exhaust on its wake.

He was already in the parking lot but still driving so quickly, wasn’t he afraid he’d kill somebody!

Cursing beneath her breath, Ning Xiaofei turned around and flew all the way to follow.

In the distance, she saw the car neatly stopping on a parking space. The door was opened wide on the driver’s side then a tall figure alighted out of driver’s seat.

She couldn’t see the man’s face as his back was facing her, she could only see a slender back with a hood pulled up to cover his head. Not to mention his face, not even a hair could be seen.

Unable to ascertain that the man was Xicheng, Ning Xiaofei quietly observed him as she advanced.

At this time, the man has taken out a guitar from the back seat and casually slung it on his shoulder. He went towards the elevator and raised a hand to press the elevator button.

The elevator door separated, the man walked into the elevator, turned around and pressed the floor.

With this opportunity, Ning Xiaofei finally saw the man’s face exposed outside the hood.

Skin as fair as jade, quite a high bridged nose, pale pink lips….

Although, only half of his face was visible, it was still enchanting.

It must be him!

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