Chapter 196 & 197

Chapter 196: If there is a child

If there is a child, she’ll obtain a sky-rocketing price for child support. At that time, there will be a lot more entanglement between them. She can even expose their hidden marriage and stop being so stealthy about it. Her identity can also be righted out.

These benefits, with her intelligence, Luo Yibei was sure she couldn’t be unclear.

Why should she take measures?

Was she slowly biding her time?

Fang Chixia caught the picture of him staring at her from the side. She didn’t know what he was thinking about and didn’t care much about it. She calmly entered the bathroom for a bubble bath.

The next day, Saturday.

The two people undoubtedly slept so late last night, but Fang Chixia got up early the next morning with her usual energetic self.

This kind of personality, even she admires herself.

Since both of them didn’t have to go to work, Luo Yibei woke up a little bit late.

In the bed where he was still lying, Fang Chixia’s voice came from the bathroom now and then.

She was takign an early morning bath. In such a big villa with only the two of them living quietly, any clatter that she produces can be heard clearly in the bedroom.

Luo Yibei was still groggy from his sleep when he made out the water’s intermittent ‘whish”whish’ in the bathroom, the the cycle starts all over again.

His brows wrinkled and his closed eyes opened.

The person in the bathroom must have treated him as air again as the sound of water resumed again and again, fiddling provokingly, but also very orderly.

At long last, it was quiet for a while, but not two minutes later, her singing voice abruptly broke the silence in the room.

He wasn’t familiar with the tune she was singing but the clear and melodious symphony resonated, “One man’s loneliness, one man’s life, in every trail, one man walks, all the sorrows, he bears alone. The starlight in the horizon, calmly sprinkled down, whom should he confide in, who can understand his mind.”

This undoubtedly was a very sad melody, but when sung by Fang Chixia, she made it  sound like a cheerful one, even when her singing was a little off.

It’s just that, what are those lyrics and what do they mean?

Luo Yibei didn’t like lyrics in her song very much. Listening to them was akin to his chest being stabbed, making it very stifling.

Eyes flying into the direction of the bathroom, he coldly roared, “Fang Chixia, shut up? What the hell are you learning so early in the morning!”

He roared so loudly that the person listening faltered for a moment and then, silence reigned.

Luo Yibei got out of the bed irritably then draped a piece of clothing casually. He proceeded to open the door of the bathroom and sauntered in.

Fang Chixia was near a mug, painting whatever that was. When she saw him set foot in the bathroom, she stiffly raised her head and greeted him, “You’re awake.”

“Don’t listen to this kind of music in the future.” Luo Yibei walked in a few steps, pulled her out with forceful arm and replaced her in front of the washstand.

He turned back and glanced at her at the door, gawking silly at him and addend, “It’s alright to sing nursery rhymes. Didn’t you sing well before?”

“Get lost!” With a sullen expression on her face, Fang Chixia bellowed angrily and stomped on her way out.

Luo Yibei brushed her off and turned to rinse his mouth instead. He took a sip with the mug but was stunned at the pattern he saw above.

He and Fang Chixia’s mugs were white, pure white, originally without any patterns. But now there are graffiti on them painted with two big smiles.

One on the left and one on the right, if placed side by side, they are very symmetrical, epitomizing a pair.


Chapter 197: The airy romantic balcony

Luo Yibei wondered at the two mugs again and again, and unconsciously, a lopsided grin arched at the corner of his lips.

Against all odds, he did not wipe off the graffiti, holding the cup carefully as he brushed his teeth. He later placed the two cups side by side on the shelf.

After changing into his clothes and went downstairs, Fang Chixia wasn’t in the living room and he couldn’t guess what she was busying herself again.

Stretching his slender legs to the kitchen, Luo Yibei first checked and without seeing her shadow, he turned next to the balcony.

Outside the house, Fang Chixia’s long hair was indiscriminately tied into a loose braid. She was facing away from him on a platform which was situated next to the entrance.

In the balcony, there were a lot of potted plants. She has moved a few pots of leafy green plants and placed them on both ends of the platform ingeniously. There was a sofa next to it and a hanging chair on the opposite side with a glass table in the middle.

The simple transformation, opened the terrace attractively, and a bright romantic airy balcony was made available.

Everything has been laid out by herself. After completing everything, she felt satisfied with her masterpiece.

Looking at the small terrace for the first time, Fang Chixia pictured the mood of all three meals that will be served here in the definite future.

At the first sight also of the arrangement, Luo Yibei’s mind was also full of how refreshing it would be if two people were at such a place!

The man who has been fully satiated last night, stared at the sofa that was placed on the side and his mind veered to a crooked direction all at once.

From the start, Fang Chixia hasn’t glanced in his direction. At the sight of the sofa, she stepped forward longing to try it out first. Luo Yibei’s figure however went past ahead of her and before her eyes, sat shamelessly on top without blinking an eye.

He leaned back with arms outstretched lazily, crossed his legs and rested them on the small chair next to him. He turned his head and volunteered nonchalantly, “Not bad.”

He looked like he was enjoying himself but the words he uttered were stated with extreme reluctance.

After snatching her position, he didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed but sat shamelessly seemingly with no plans of getting up soon.

Fang Chixia yearned to push him out and down of the sofa but she has to equal him in strength first.

She stared resentfully at him before turning inwards to bring their breakfast out.

In Fact, so long as Luo Yibei won’t toss her indisputably, she likes this place very much.

She couldn’t remember since when it has started, but she has already taken this place as her own home.

Apart from Luo Yibei, everything in the villa brings her warmth.

After putting down their breakfast, Fang Chixia didn’t insist on making him get up but instead took the opposite chair and start to eat.

Sitting on the hanging chair, of course it will swing and dangle.

During the meal, she found herself in an awkward position. In an effort to pick up some food for herself into her plate, the chair, involuntarily swayed back.

Tossed a few times, Fang Chixia was feeling somewhat disgruntled.

She looked daggers at Luo Yibei who was still leisurely enjoying his breakfast on the opposite side. She stood up exceedingly unbalanced.

“Move a bit!” Pushing him aside, she sat down next to him.

A move that froze Luo Yibei’s hand with a fork stiffly in the air.

He had never thought that she would be so impudent. Caught stunned for a moment, his stiff eyes turned to her then to their bodies so close to each other.


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