EP – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: His face goes against heaven’s will

“Not bad, Zhang Yue!” Ning Xiaofei raised a fist and punched him on the chest. “If this is done, I’ll treat you to a meal, no…no.., please don’t say no!”

Zhang Yue lifted his hand to push his glasses up feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Xiao Ning, my girlfriend came back from the field today, I have to get to the train station to pick her up. I’m afraid I can not accompany you to wait.”

Ning Xiaofei smiled. “It doesn’t matter. A girlfriend is important. Go quickly, don’t delay.”

“I have already gave your phone number to my buddy, he will send you a message. Then I’ll leave first.”

“Go, go, go.” Ning Xiaofei waved him away. Remembering one thing, she hollered again, “Don’t forget to buy a bunch of flowers, girls like it.”

Zhang Yue smiled, “Then be careful, if there’s any problem, call me immediately. If it’s really not possible, we’ll figure out another solution.”

“Go ahead, better not be late or you’ll be kneeling on the washboard!”

Zhang Yue smiled back, waved at her and left the cafe.

Ning Xiaofei sat down at the table and ordered a pasta. When her order was delivered, she took out her mobile phone from her bag and searched the internet for information about Xicheng.

The so-called, Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated

Such a large fish is certainly not easy to deal with. If she knows more about the other party’s information, her chances on victory would be much greater.

Merely by entering the name ‘Xicheng’ and pages were immediately displayed with countless news and photos. Ning Xiaofei clicked on one webpage and a photo magnified on her screen instantly.

In the photo, Xicheng was wrapped in a light colored pink T-shirt. A half-burning cigarette was sandwiched between his fingers. He was sitting very casually at a seaside cafe in indolent attractiveness.

The wind blew wisps of hair in front of his forehead, showing a full and smooth forehead. With the glare of the sunlight, it rendered it a bit dazzling. Coupled with a frown that settled between his brows and his peach eyes slightly narrowed, a melancholic vibe oozed from him.

With that too charming face, people couldnt help but feel distressed and want to stretch out their fingers to smoothen the wrinkles on his brows….

He had no make-up, and the light was natural illuminating a life-like photo.

Of course, Ning Xiaofei immediately rejected this speculation.

Life-like photo?

She could only say that the re-touching skill used here was formidalbe. She wasn’t sure how they made the life-like photo so perfect. This smooth skin that could be used for ice skating, could a man have this?

Speaking of which, she couldn’t help but think of Mu Tianye.

His skin is also very smooth, his face is no worse than this photo of Xicheng….

Although she was not willing to admit it, she has to concede that her old man’s face value is against heaven’s will.


Ning Xiaofei, what the hell are you thinking?!

Realizing that her mind unwittingly slid into the sewers, Ning Xiaofei raised her hand and patted her forehead.

When did it happen, she was only thinking of how to get Xicheng’s attention. Where did the mood for that nonsense, going to bed emerge…well, coaxing him was also part of the show.

She has heard of this man’s prestige before, such a hot fellow, with a such an unreasonable temper, what should she do?

By the way, mortals have weaknesses. First look what weaknesses he has……

She quickly hit the keyboard, looking for information that can be found. Unconsciously, twilight has already settled outside.

On the table, the phone suddenly rang two times, Ning Xiaofei caught the phone and the screen showed a WeChat message from Zhang Yue’s friend.

“I just received a notice, Xicheng will be here soon.”

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