Chapter 194 & 195

Chapter 194: I’ll pick you up.

Back to her office, Fang Chixia received a call from Tong Yan before she could even settle down.

Tong Yan has also attended the conference today, but with Fang Chixia on stage, she did not see her.

The two chatted for a while. Fang Chixia left Rongxi earlier afterwards and went on a date with her.

She didn’t notify Luo Yibei beforehand. Thus, when it was time to knock off work, Luo Yibei was seen below her office floor and waited for quite some time.

Half an hour later, not waiting for someone to come down, he dialed her number, “Where are you?”

“I’m eating with Yan Yan!”

The buoyant voice that drifted to Luo Yibei’s ears turned his face black.

He waited down there for half an hour only to find out that she was already out dining with others?

What made his expression even more grave was that whether Fang Chixia was busy or that he has spoken quickly, she ended the call right away.

Luo Yibei scowled at the screen on his phone while his face distorted at the irritation that pricked at him.

With a heavy face, he boarded his car and drove back to their home.

Since his marriage with Fang Chixia, she has always been responsible for all trivial matters in their small family, the three meals everyday, caring for Tuantuan and the like.

Entering the house alone, Luo Yibei peered into the empty dinner table where a light fragrance would usually drift away when she’s in the kitchen, and realized for the first time that she actually brought him a lot of benefits.

Today Luo Yibei has waited outside for nothing for so long. Inwardly, displeasure has been festering in his heart that just the sight of the empty house sparked his temper. Even the innocent Tuantuan was found an eyesore.

The rotund Tuantuan which was huddled into a nest in the middle of the sofa faced him with bewilderment, its eyes shining with innocence.

Luo Yibei called a maid and let her prepare a dinner very casually. He moved to the table and sat down.

Sitting for not more than half an hour, he lifted his wrist and looked at the time. He then phoned Fang Chixia again, “When are you coming back?”

“I might be a little late today. I’m still chatting with Yan Yan.” Fang Chixia replied and dropped the call yet again.

At the toot toot sound of disconnection, a wintry look settled in Luo Yibei’s eyes.

She’s becoming more and more daring?

When Fang Chixia and Tong Yan meet together, it usually lasts for several hours.

In this instance, it was already past 11 but they were still not over.

Luo Yibei remained on the sofa, tapping on mobile phone with his fingertips. He couldn’t figure out what two women could possibly talk about for so long.

At half past eleven, it was already very late so a phone call again was made to Fang Chixia, “Where are you, I’ll pick you up.”

At the other end of the phone, Fang Chixia was at a loss for words. She never expected him to make such a move. She stayed silent for a while before replying, “Lota Restaurant.”

Luo Yibei hung up the phone and turned straight out of the house.

When Fang Chixia and Tong Yan walked out of the restaurant, it was 11: 40.

Expecting Luo Yibei at any moment, Fang Chixia ensured that Tong Yan left in advance.

When Luo Yibei arrived, she was standing alone in the cold street, dressed thinly, her soft long were dancing in the wind while a few strands where pasted on a small part of her cheeks, her black hair against her white dress and red delicate lips, each offering a different kind of temptation.

Luo Yibei sat in the car with his line of sight locked on her lips away through the glass. He stared at her for some time before opening the car door and making a beeline for her.

Fang Chixia has caught wind of the footsteps behind her. Before she could react, a burst of chilly gust swept down on her. When she got ahold of herself, Luo Yibei’s face has already magnified and merely some inches away from hers.


Chapter 195: What’s wrong with multiple surprises?

His eyes on her were glimmering reflecting flashes of light within his darkened pupils. His exhalations warmed the air around Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia was flustered that she stepped back and reflexively pushed him away. His arms however wrapped around her waist, one arm hooked around her slender waist and bringing her to his embrace, while the other one tipped her little chin up as he leaned down. His gaze surveyed her face carefully before he tilted his face down towards her.

Fang Chixia couldn’t process what was happening. His appearance suddenly in front of her rendered her mind completely blank.

“Luo Yibei, stop!” With a frown, she dodged but he held her jaws firmly and brought her face back in front.

He bit her lips in a show of slight annoyance to her lack of cooperation.

Fang Chixia swallowed the pain and whimpered a few times in his arms. She gave up avoiding him and rested her hands on his shoulders.

His character, she was well aware.

When he wanted to do something, the more she resists, the more he will make her suffer!

Hence she leaned into his arms, and let him do whatever he wanted for a while. In between taking some breaths, she tried to cajole him instead, “We’re on the street, let’s go back first, OK?”

Her soft pliant voice, generally when she’s trying to sweet-talk him, had made Luo Yibei give into her a few times.

“Go back and continue?” Both arms now circled her slender waist firmly and fixed her body tightly on his. He raised a dishy eyebrow and brushed the tip of his nose against her.

Fang Chixia bowed her head and with a hot face, gave a light hesitant nod, “Alright, go back and continue.”

Luo Yibei was quite satisfied with this answers. He dragged her to the car and stepped on the accelerator. The white sports car thundered away at full speed then stopped outside the villa of the two, ten minutes later.

When they got out of the car, he took her by the hand and led her straight into the house. They have just entered the entrance hall when he slammed her against the wall behind her. The handsome face was then buried into her nest and took a deep breath of her fragrance. With that, his hands caught the hem of her dress and began to pull.

Luo Yibei caught her hands and locked them behind her the moment she struggled to block his advances.

Left vulnerable and knowing that she has no escape tonight, Fang Chixia let the icy wall support herself and simply let him do whatever he wanted…..

Only the dim moonlight seeping through the windows shed light to the people in the huge living room as they didn’t even bother to turn on the lamps. At such close distance to the doorway, changing locations was even proved troublesome.

The gasps of the two reverberated in the darkness from time to time, sometimes slow, intermixing, lingering and finally, fierily merged into one….

Fang Chixia couldn’t recall how long it took but she only found herself being easily carried upstairs, back into their room.

Upon entering the bedroom, she obviously was exhausted but she struggled to get away from his hold, took several steps towards a drawer, took out a pack of medicine from the locked compartment and dug out one pill for herself.

Luo Yibei stood quietly behind her. As a matter of fact, he has never seen her taking them before. But today, just after their routine, it made him feel a bit horrible.

Was she still afraid of having any accidents happening between them?

On what grounds?

Luo Yibei thought that this shouldn’t be done by a woman who harbored ill-intentions and proposed marriage to him.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 194 & 195”

  1. He’s quite the narcissist ain’t he. FCX has already explained that she is basically only using him as a shield for 4 years. Why would she want a child with him knowing they will break up later.


    1. True! Although they agreed, life is different than we expect sometimes. This man is caught in his own trap.He can’t think clearly or reasonably when it comes to her


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