Chapter 192 & 193

Chapter 192: The 300 million dollar wedding rings

All of Rongxi’s jewels have always been characterized by its low-key luxury, high-end finery, exquisite design, aesthetic conception, and even the advertisement is so.

Just as the light music accompanying the commercial was broadcasted, all eyes were trained on the central stage.

At the end of the ad, a dedicated staff will display the advertised jewelry on the stage, followed by a commentary.

The commentary was due to the presence of honored guests from various countries. The demand for language proficiency in each country is very high, thus the need for multi-linguists.

On such a momentous event in Rongxi, every sentence of the commentator will directly affect the quality of the entire conference as well as the sales performance of the newly released jewelry.

This was the reason why Shi Jinyang was on tenterhooks when Luo Yibei pushed Fang Chixia forward.

However, when the voice of Fang Chixia slowly echoed, all his concerns were slowly dispelled.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Rongxi’s new product launch conference. Like every product launching conference of Rongxi, we have an appropriate theme for our new product release. After the last 1573 series, the theme for this period, is named ‘First Love’….”

“The theme of this series was inspired by Mrs. Luo, from the moment I first met you, my heart has never changed. Now, the design we will show you today is Mrs. Luo’s creation…”

The speed of her speech was gentle and just right. The light and clear acoustic resonance lingered and hovered throughout the corners of the conference room.

She opened the commentary in Chinese and in order to take care of the guests from all over the world, she repeated the contents she had just said in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Sha Zhixing’s design was a pair of wedding ring, platinum with a round brilliantly cut diamond in the middle, 0.18 carats, minimalist in style but luxuriously low-key.

Furthermore, her design was only the pair at this launch conference, a limited edition, unique in the world, and only the pair.

Luo Yibei stared at the pair of rings below the stage but nobody knew what he was contemplating about.

First love…..

At the rear end of the guests, a figure walked slowly towards the stage accompanied by a large group of staff.

Just as he stepped in, he has heard of Fang Chixia’s commentary.

From the moment I met you, my heart has never changed……

Chewing on the meaning of the words in his mouth, a good looking smile arched on the man’s face.

“Ali, help me order this pair of rings.” Throwing his order at the entourage surrounding him, Fei Si Nuo found a corner and sat down.

The release of the new products continued until all the designs were displayed, which took more than two hours.

Many of the jewels released by Rongxi were limited. At the end of the conference, almost all of them have been reserved.

When Luo Yibei stood up ready to leave, a staff approached him and in a low tone reported, “Luo Shao, a gentleman is willing to pay 300 million dollars to reserve the wedding ring designed by the lady.”

“Do not sell.” Luo Yibei responded without any hesitation. After dropping that order, he turned to the side. Shi Jinyang’s voice from behind stopped him on his tracks, “Reason?”

Luo Yibei turned back and raised a brow, after brooding for a while, “I want it.”

Shi Jinyang was jolted, clearly blown away with his response.

He wants it?

But that is a wedding ring!


Chapter 193: The hottest gossip ever

“Have those rings sent to me later.” After reminding the staff on the side, Luo Yibei walked away.

With an astute mind like Shi Jinyang’s, turning over the words in his head a little, he came up with a guess.

His vision stiffly followed Fang Chixia who was walking towards him and a part somewhere in his heart thoroughly collapsed.

Even the little hopes he had kept before, now has all been obliterated by Luo Yibei’s wedding rings.

“What has happened?” At the sight of his unusual color, Fang Chixia stepped up and sat down on the chair next to him.

“Nothing, you’ve performed very well! Let’s go back!” Shi Jinyang complimented her before standing up and walking ahead of her, back to his office.

Luo Yibei hasn’t gone out of the room yet, when the same staff came running back.

“Lu Shao, the gentleman who wanted to buy the ring earlier added another 300 million to his offer.”

“Tell him that that pair of ring is priceless. Let him choose another.” Luo Yibei finished and strode also into his office building.

Next to them, a small figure walked up from the side. He heard nothing else except the words from Luo Yibei before and after.

The little figure took mincing steps forward to follow the back of Luo Yibei until he vanished. Similar to have had found something novel, he turned around and ran off to Luo Enqi with great joy.

“Reporting Grandpa, I have news. The world’s hottest gossip ever!” The chubby cheeks of Xiao Zuo has cutely turned red, probably due to running too fast. He also even forgot greeting his grandpa.

Luo Enqi was also amused so he laughed, “Oh? Tell grandpa.”

Xiao Zuo calmed himself down, took a deep breath and grinningly said, “The most meaningful pair of wedding rings at the conference was swallowed by elder brother!”

Luo Enqi was caught stunned at first but thinking that Xiao Zuo was playing a prank, he chided, “Xiao Zuo, that is a pair of wedding rings. What would your elder brother do with it?”

Xiao Zuo climbed up the chair beside him then sat down. With his little face, he smiled up at him and answered with brows raised, “Give it to my future sister-in-law!”

Luo Enqi was struck dumb that the corner of his eyes crinkled. Staring at his tender face, he lost heart and sighed, “Your elder brother’s wife has already been decided long time ago….alas!”

With only a few words said, he again sighed helplessly.

Xiao Zuo was only seven years old and his brain was now devoid of any thoughts and was completely immersed in the matter of his elder brother buying the “First Love” wedding rings.

At this moment, he was comparable to a little reporter who had dug up a juicy gossip. He was so excited that he failed to pay attention to his statement much less to the meaning behind them.

He sat with his grandpa for a while then ran to find Luo Xichen.

In a seat on the back row, Fei Si Nuo who was sitting in a corner was recalling the words that the staff has just passed over. His brows snapped together in deep thought.

600 million was still not enough for them to sell?

Just what’s so priceless about those rings?

And upstairs in his office, the pair of rings were sent to Luo Yibei’s hands in five minutes.

Sitting in his swivel chair, he opened the jewelry box and quietly stared at the wedding rings which glowed brightly under the light. He picked the bigger one and tried it on.

Not too loose nor too tight, just right, giving the impression of it naturally created for his finger.

Marveling at the hand wearing the ring for some time, Luo Yibei then took the ring off, carefully put it back into the box and kept it into the drawer of his desk. Then he locked it in.


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  1. These rings are priceless. Are they intended for Chixia? Not if Shi Jinyang can think of a way to stop it. Chixia may not accept this gift rom Yibei.

    Thank you for this update.


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