Chapter 31

Chapter 31: No fever~

“Woman, why are you talking so much?” Achen recovered her eyes on the pill and glowered at Feng Chuge.

“I’m just trying to prepare you mentally, isn’t it right?” Feng Chuge’s mouth curved into a smile. “In case you don’t grow up after taking the medicine, you just have to look on the bright side, okay?”

“I won’t be growing up that fast.” Achen dropped his eyes and whispered. “Woman, in the future, I have to take this pill every month for twelve months…”

“Twelve months!” Feng Chuge’s jaws dropped at that bombshell.

“Yes.” Achen kept his eyes to the ground but the bottom of his eyes condensed heavily.

Only after taking this pill continuously for twelve months would the poison in his body be totally dispersed.

Only then can he go back and avenge himself rom those old guys!

Thinking of these, a fleeting cold light flashed across Achen’s eyes.

Half a month ago, when he was ascending to the advance level of a Spiritual Monarch (Ling Jun), those old fogeys in Tiandi Fu jointly attacked him when he his body reached the state of instability.

At the beginning of leveling up, the body’s strength was the most unstable. That group of old fogies seized the opportunity to take him down, intending to finish him off.

During their battle, they poisoned him in order to deal with him easier.

That poison suddenly reduced him into a six-year-old child. Not only that, his spiritual power was also completely dispersed.

For this reason, he resembled a child of five or six years old. Only when the moon is full, when the spiritual force in the air was the most intense, the force will suppress the toxins in his body and let him return to his original appearance….

When the Emperor’s mind was full of these thoughts, a cold hand suddenly touched his forehead.

Raising his head, he saw Feng Chuge;s hand on his forehead.

“Oh, no fever…..” Feng Chuge muttered.

Achen’s face slightly hardened, “Woman, you’re the one with the fever!”

“Achen, I’m seriously telling you, taking a pill to grow up fast is completely implausible. Better give this idea up.”

Achen shook his head, “You don’t understand.”

“What don’t I understand?” Feng Chuge sighed. “This ideal is splending but reality is cruel. I know that you want to grow up. But growth must be taken step by step. I really can’t help you. Achen…your sister tells you…”

Feng Chuge turned her head to look at Achen and still wanted to say something but instead saw Achen close his eyes and was alreay lying on his side.

“Achen,…… Achen!……” Feng Chuge nudged him.

The Emperor closed his eyes and didn’t even life an eyelid. He just opened his mouth and coldly stopped somebody, “I’m sleeping, don’t disturb me.”

Obviously, it sounded like an immature voice. But the ice-cold tone made the listener really irritated.

“Little devil, playing cool again huh!” Feng Chuge chuckled.

“Woman, somebody seems to be waiting for you outside.” Achen kept his eyes closed and reminded her.

Feng Chuge was reminded of Zilan calling out to her saying somebody from the palace has come calling.

“I’ll go and see.” Feng Chuge stood up from the chair and walked towards the door. Before exiting, she turned around again, “Achen… one more word from your sister, that growth pill….”

“Woman, you may go——” A cold but tender voice interrupted the rest of what Feng Chuge was about to say.

Feng Chuge pursed her lips but at the same time, her heart was a little doubtful.

This child, in the end, what has he gone through that his way of talking and doing things resemble that of an adult, completely without any whiff of a child!


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