EP – Chapter 66

Chapter 66: All kill

Pei Ruoxi came over, scanned the contents of the document, signed her name at the bottom and then took her phone out to take a photo.

“Miss Ruoxi!” Chen Liang, the oldest deputy director in the group, came forward. “Xiao Ning has just entered the line and is not that sensible. This matter… forget it! You… can you give me face?”

With that said, Chen Liang winked at Ning Xiaofei, indicating her to apologize to Pei Ruoxi.

“Oh!” Pei Ruoxi smirked. “Director Chen, I’m sorry, my hand slipped…. It’s already been sent out. Moreover, my account is linked with the station managers and also several leaders. I originally wanted everybody to serve as witnesses. If this is deleted….I’m afraid this is not quite right, isn’t it?”
The listening crowd secretly screamed their grievances for Ning Xiaofei.

This Pei Ruoxi, is really cruel!

Not to mention her circle of friends but also the station manager and several leaders, this is really an all kill, cutting off any retreat Ning Xiaofei might have.

Everybody is aware of what’s going on. Chen Liang only had the heart to help Ning Xiaofei block it. This time however, there was no chance. It wasn’t advisable to say anything either so he could only sigh in dismay. He frowned and looked helplessly at Ning Xiaofei.

A good seedling, too young and impetuous, ah,….. what a pity!

Shaking the mobile phone in her hand, Pei Ruoxi smiled and looked around the crowd.

“Excuse me, gentlemen!”

Afterward, she swayed her waist out of the meeting room.

Silence settled in the conference room.

“Xiaofei, can we still continue this time?” asked a colleague

Ning Xiaofei took a deep breath.

“Continue, of course!”

She sat at the table again, opened the plan, and then continued to discuss with the crowd.

This time, everybody was less motivated.

None of the people present there was optimistic about Ning Xiaofei.


Don’t everybody know him?

If it were Pei Ruoxi in action, in her many years in the circle, she could use her connections opening a certain possibility.

Ning Xiaofei?

An unknown newcomer, even Pei Ruoxi couldn’t fight with that lord, can she invite Xicheng?

What’s the point of discussing this when the one in charge will be leaving in three days?

When her phone in her pocket vibrated, Ning Xiaofei glanced at her watch.

“It’s almost noon, everybody, go have lunch first. In the afternoon, think more and if there are any good ideas, let’s discuss them again later.”

The people immediately got up in twos and threes, packed up their things then headed to the canteen for lunch.

When Chen Liang came by, passing by her side, he shook his head, and also headed out.

“Director Chen!” Ning Xiaofei called up hurriedly. She stood up and politely bowed to him. “Thank you for helping me out just now.”

Chen Liang turned around, “Xiaofei, it’s normal for young people to trip and fall….You might want to try and apologize to Pei Ruoxi. Maybe there’s still a chance.”

Ning Xiaofei understands that although the other’s words are harsh, but they are also the heartfelt words. She immediately smiled at him gratefully.

“Thank you for your kindness, I’ll think about it.”

Chen Liang heard the words in the rejection in her statement and didn’t say anything more.

They have no friendship to begin with. He was also very optimistic about her talents. He has already given advice but the other party refused to listen. Chen Liang certainly won’t meddle anymore.

In the conference room, only Zhang Yue was left.

Know Ning Xiaofei’s temper, persuading her would be useless. Holding his stuff with him, Zhang Yue approached her.

“My buddy signed a contract with Xicheng for a radio broadcast soon. I’ll try to ask, if you can…. find a way to contact him.”

Ning Xiaofei was greatly moved, “Then I will thank you in advance. Shall we have a meal together?”



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