TOCH – Chapter 188-189

Chapter 188: Do you like him?

Fang Chixia appeared oblivious to it and so was Shi Jinyang.

“This is Mrs. Luo’s design…” Pointing at one of the necklaces, he raised his head and wanted to show it to her when the tip of his nose poked her on the face, he froze a bit.

The facial features of Fang Chixia have always been delicate, and upon closer examination, an indescribable softness gathers around her radiating a halo-like glow.

When four eyes stared at each other, a gentle wind lingered between the faces of the two, supple, light, leaving a fresh sensation to the viewer.

Shi Jinyang lost his senses for a while but snapped out of it the moment her relationship with Luo Yibei crossed his mind.

He moved to distance himself away synchronously to Luo Yibei’s frosty voice from behind, “What are you doing?”

The sudden question startled Fang Chixia. Her gaze moved over Shi Jinyang’s shoulder and at the sight of him, her head went blank for a few seconds.

But in a flash, she restored her composure stoically.

She hasn’t done anything to be ashamed of, what was there to hide?

She flipped through another page on the magazine and resumed browsing it. “This is so beautiful. I have heard of this designer. He’s European right?”

A carefree smile curved Shi Jinyang’s lips and continued chatting with her gently, “Right, French. He is a friend. If you like his work, I will introduce you to him the next time there’s a chance. Is that okay?”

“Well, although I have no talent for design, there’s nothing wrong with meeting more friends.”

“You don’t need any talent for design, you only need to learn a specialized field and that would be enough.”

The two people carried on with their chat and nearby, the air surrounding Luo Yibei became more and more hostile.

“Pick up a guest with me.” A few steps over, he casted a sidelong glance at Fang Chixia before walking ahead to the parking lot.

Fang Chixia wanted to refuse but calling to mind his response at the elevator earlier, she swallowed all unsaid resistance back.

“I have to go first.” After bidding Shi Jinyang goodbye, she trailed after him.

Luo Yibei got in the car first, followed by Fang Chixia. They drove out of Rongxi afterwards and headed what it seemed like the airport.

Luo Yibei remained close-mouthed all the way and the whole car was shrouded with a thick low pressure emulating a freezing winter.

Both of them remained silent and exchanged not a word the entire journey.

The undercurrents were particularly bizarre.

At the airport, the person Luo Yibei had to pick up probably hasn’t arrived yet because he took her first to a western restaurant to wait.

Two people ordered some drinks and Fang Chixia, who has no signs of wanting to explain anything, hung her head low and sipped her drink.

Luo Yibei contemplated quietly and after a moment of silence, he asked directly, “Do you like Shi Jinyang?”

Fang Chixia was caught unprepared. Her back tautened as she raised her face up, “No!”

She really doesn’t have to explain herself. They already had reached an agreement before marriage, she would not meddle with his affairs and he has no reason to stick his nose into hers.

Even so, with the watch previously and the scene just a while earlier, if she weren’t to shed light on it, she would be very ill at ease with Shi Jinyang and he in turn would be innocently implicated.

Her simple denial brightened Luo Yibei’s complexion a little better.

“Do you like someone else?” Taking a light sip from his cocktail glass, he probed again.

Taken off guard again, Fang Chixia cleared her throat and asked uncomfortably, “What are you talking about?”

Chapter 189: Not in public

Luo Yibei cocked an eye at her response steadily, then narrowed his eyes.

He won’t be right, will he?

“I’m just friends with Shi Jinyang. It’s not what you think. I’ll go to the bathroom for a while.” Fang Chixia didn’t want to expand more on this topic. She stood up and walked straight out of the restaurant.

Going out of the door, she glimpsed of the direction to the bathroom, turned to a corner and stepped towards it.

Just around the corner, a figure suddenly stumbled towards her.

Still unresponsive to the sudden situation, the man frantically pushed her to the bathroom, leaning her against in the corner, reversing their position reflexively and clasped her against him.

“What are you doing?” Fang Chixia automatically pushed the man away, however, the moment she raised her hand, she came into touch with a sticky substance.

Fang Chixia gawked only for a moment but soon pulled herself together to examine it.


“Say one more word, and you’ll find out what I’ll really do!” Above the top of her head, an aloof, cold-blooded tone vibrated.

“You’re hurt.” Fang Chixia calmly returned. She slowly raised her vision up and found his clear eyes right on her.

A pair of enchanting eyes, big but rippling, narrowly glowed coldly.

After an exchange of looks, when the man’s face was clearly visible, Fang Chixia’s eyes shrank in surprise

It’s him….

“Why is it you?” Just as she blurted her question, a rapid sound of footsteps exported from the outside of the bathroom reached their ears.

Disjointed, disorganized but hinting at a large group of people.

The man’s gaze turned down and looked at her in his arms. Before Fang Chixia’s eyes, the man casually unbuttoned his coat and tossed it into the bathroom. Bending over, he then stuck his face in between her neck without warning and nested there.

Fang Chixia jerked away instinctively but the man’s fingers on her waist firmly imprisoned her, allowing her no space to move.

The face buried on her neck turned down and bit down a small chunk of flesh.

“Ah~” Fang Chixia was taken down by the pain, and blurted out a low hum.

In the wake of her cry, all the footsteps outside came to a stop.

The echoes vanished so abruptly seemingly like all that was left behind was the two of them.

Comprehending exactly what was going on, though Fang Chixia wanted to push the man away but her hand refused to touch the bloodstained mark on the man’s upper arm.

Composing her face, her other hand grabbed him and cleverly obscured his head. In the man’s slight gaze, she suddenly said with voice soft with affection, “Don’t be like this, we’re in a public place. Someone might come in or out at any time. Let’s go home first, alright?”

Her words, calm and self-contained, did not reflect anything amiss.

The man’s face was buried in her neck and never lifted up, so other people can not see.

Their intimate posture and their dialogue, generally for young men and women who are caught in excitement in a public place, was entirely normal.

The men behind them stared at the two for a while and turned to another place.

Their footsteps went farther and farther away.

Fang Chixia pulled herself together and took the man’s arm to help him.

“Are you all right?”

The man looked at her uneasily, and was obviously surprised by her performance.

He was surprised not that she helped him, but that she had turned her head so fast in that kind of situation!

Even his wounds were carefully concealed.

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  1. Yibei is a jealous beast.Now he is focused on Shi Jinyang. But, what about this guy in the bathroom? Who is he? One of the family?

    Thank you for this chapter


  2. She wanted to be saved from her pervert brother … what about lu yibie ?? HOWS HE different?? or are we gonna give him mainlead privilege??? Dont know how she is gonna tolerate him for 4 years. I want a caring husband for her


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