Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Feng Chuge is hot

When they heard that their lady didn’t like it, Zilan and the other two immediately stepped up their efforts and threw the second madam out——

Until they all retreated, the whole courtyard was finally restored to quiet.

Without the original Feng Family owners, the Feng residence was truly quiet when they returned.

On that day, after auctioning the thousands fluid and the hundred turns of water in the Treasure Pavilion, Feng Yue Luo used its powerful connections to search for ice silkworm blood.

At last, all the herbs required by Achen were all ready.

Refining medicinal herbs, especially one that has never been heard before, is particularly demanding for any level of refining pharmacist.

In order to study the composition and ratio of the drug, Feng Chuge shut herself in her specially built room for five days.

And in those five days, the whole mainland outside, has some major changes ——

And these changes, were all related to Feng Chuge……

The culprit behind these however was ignorant as she locked herself up in her special room and developed a medicine painstakingly.

The wind outside in the mainland is constantly changing the last five days.

For the ordinary civilians, what they love to gossip on their spare times was matters between the aristocracy.

Recently, the most talked about gossip was nothing more than the Feng Family.

Also because of this, the fame Feng Chuge suddenly shot up and gradually exploded.

“Huh? Feng Chuge? This name is quite familiar?” On the street, people who were listening to the audience as they continued discussing thought pensively.

“Isn’t she the Feng Chuge who was banished from the Feng residence six years ago? I didn’t expect that trash to come back and took over the Feng residence…”

“It’s estimated that Feng Chuge has been patiently tolerating everything this past six years and now that she has come back, she suddenly retaliated….”

“Or it could be that, Feng Chuge suddenly got a powerful backing. Otherwise, if she’s a waste who couldn’t even cultivate spiritual power, how could she even fight Feng Zhaoyang back?”


Facts have proven that human’s imagination is endless.

In only two days of effort, the stories about Feng Chuge’s feat circulated throughout the streets of the Mainland in various versions, and even talked about in household gossips.

Out of nowhere, reputation of Feng Chuge became the most widespread name in the mainland.

This limelight eventually floated into the palace….

Tianqi’s Emperor He Lian Qing is the brother of Feng Chuge’s mother. In other words, the current emperor is Feng Chuge’s maternal uncle.

This day, a decree from the palace, was delivered straight into the Feng Residence.

Feng Chuge was still busy configuring drugs in the room and was unaware of the happenings outside…

“Miss, miss, there’s someone from the palace.” Zilan shouted anxiously outside.

“Let them wait.” Feng Chuge was examining the allocated proportion of herbs for the medicine with concentration, trying to refine the drug.

Although these herbs are completely impossible to refine into what can hasten one’s growth, if the ratio is right, the heat is in place, and the force from her body can consolidate spiritual power, the result could be very useful!

“It’s an imperial decree from the palace. It seems to be an invitation for the lady to enter the palace…” Zilan continued to shout but her voice was measured.

Zilan knows Feng Chuge’s temper very well….

Sure enough, in the room, Feng Chuge’s quiet roar rang ——

“Damn, Zilan, let me hear one more word and believe me, I’ll sew your mouth when I get out!!” When refining medicinal herbs, what she hates the most is being interrupted by others.


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  1. Thanks for the update! I wonder if this emperor is going to be a good uncle side character or if she’s going to have to fight politically with the empire! Looking forward to the next few chapters!

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