EP – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Totally idiotic and dreaming

As a prominent figure in A City, Pei Ruoxi was no stranger to Mu Tianye’s name.

As early as few years ago, when she first entered the journalism circle for economic news, she was told by one of her teachers that this figure has always had eyes above the bottom and has never been interviewed.

This man, Mu is like a rising wave, the income of that person was calculated in seconds that an ordinary citizen couldn’t even imagine.

What’s more, Ning Xiaofei also greedily wanted to invite Xichen together.

Ideological collision?


Who is Xicheng?

The most eccentric and unreasonable character in the entertainment circle. His disposition has always been haughty and could render one’s blood boil. In order to invite him to participate in an entertainment program she has hosted before, the column group spent a whole six months lobbying him, how many contacts she has utilized, or how much effort she has put into it…..

In the end, Xichen only attended for a curtain call for a total of no more than ten minutes.

Who did Ning Xiaofei think she was that she could invite such two prominent figures for a 40-minute interview on a show?

“…..The entire plan still lacking in many ways.” Ning Xiaofei turned off her computer and turned on the lights. “Do you have any comments or suggestions, why don’t you raise them?”

At once, everybody spoke his or her own piece, and the room turned into a chattering crowd.

Pei Ruoxi piled the case plans in her hand and stood up, “I have nothing to say, I will leave first.”

“Stop!” Ning Xiaofei also stood up. “Miss Pei, I hope that you are up to your work.”

“Work?” Pei Ruoxi turned to the door and sneered contemptously, “Are we at work? You are totally idiotic and dreaming! Xicheng? Mu Tianye? Ideological collision?! Who didn’t think of writing the same thing? Do you really have power to bring what you wrote into reality?”

This sentence, seriously pierced the most crucial point.

On this point, Ning Xiaofei herself lacked confidence.

When she was writing the plan, this lady never imagined that Ji Mo would pick it. So she wrote everything she imagined totally unrestrained.

“At least, I’ll try hard to fight for it!”

“Try hard?” Pei Ruoxi took her bag and laughed. “Well then, go and work hard. Remember not to mention the name of the TV station. Otherwise, the entire TV station’s reputation will be thrown away by you. Everything!”

They she her eyes swept the faces on the table.

“You, don’t say, Pei Ruoxi has not warned you. Follow her and you will die without knowing why!”

Ning Xiaofei knit her brows, “Miss Pei, remember that Director Ji Mo said, everyone here must cooperate with my work.”

Originally, Ning Xiaofei expected her not to help, but undermining her like this, Ning Xiaofei would certainly not tolerate it.

Pei Ruoxi swayed towards her with her high heels, looking down on her haughtily.

“Want me to listen to you? Alright…. So long as you can invite Xicheng and Mu Tianye, just pick one up, I, Pei Ruoxi will apologize to you in front of the whole column group. And then, I will follow whatever it is you want me to do. But if you don’t have this diamond, don’t expect me to take this porcelain!”

Around the room, everyone couldn’t help but start looking at each other.

Although Pei Ruoxi was excessively unreasonable, she did have some points. Just relying on themselves, can they really invite these two?

“Miss Pei.” Zhang Yue was unable to continue watching anymore, he stood up from his chair, “, since this is our column, shouldn’t we complete it together diligently?”

Pei Ruoxi turned her disdainful eyes to him, “If you want to be an idiot, that’s your business. I don’t want to stay here ,daydreaming like you.”

6 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 64”

    1. No, what the woman (b**th) said true.
      In sense it was impossible, since she have ever tried to interview him waiting for 6 moths, working from bottom.
      And i think the Btch had done wrong (but i am not see her as offensive as our protag, i see our protag more offensive than the btch, the btch only ignore her, say command word, and act srogabt) but in this cases i totally agree with her.

      If this happened in real situation i will see our protagonist as someone who too childish and small minded.
      Because in work place it was not the way you want to go.
      And every one who resign like her without thinking just because small lecture which she was actually wrong (putting ur foot on the table without manner of workplace), and baammm she just wanted to resign??? Giving middle finger to someone who ignore you in public?? Abuse someone with your word even that people didn’t say any vulgar word before??? Hahaha what a joke, we called her as unprofessional.
      If she resigned it will be very hard to get a company who wanted to accept her (the one who want to accept her will be sure a small tier company). Because moral and mentallity are hard to find than smart minded (and in china have millions of people who smart and hard working).

      I think what protag shows us are her egoistic, and minding in her little world. She needed to change that.
      Now she only happy go luck because she already have chance to invite her own husbnd.

      Lol i just got dirty by working place lol. But many people have already know it.


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