TOCH – Chapter 180-181

Chapter 180: A tooth for a tooth

Fang Chixia often gives the impression of being harmless, resembling gentleness and charm. Being caught in a kidnapping and fighting scene, she has that frailty of a typical girl who would run in fright into someone’s arms and cling for protection. She absolutely doesn’t have the making of a black belly.

Several people did not expect that she would utter such words, and gaped at her with some consternation in their eyes.

Luo Yibei however wasn’t surprised. He has always known that Fang Chixia wasn’t one to be bullied.

It was a good idea to pay back the mastermind tooth for tooth.

“What do you think?” Fang Chixia was still waiting for the leader’s answer.

The group wavered shifting their attention to their employer’s background. But after squinting at Luo Yibei and weighing everything, they agreed, “Let’s go, go now.”

Luo Yibei stood next to her, casually playing with a Swiss army knife.

When the few people were about to leave, his face slowly lifted up, and inquired coldly, “Will you not come back?”

“No, how couldn’t we?” Several men with trembling legs pasted smiles on their faces and continued to leave. The Swiss army knife suddenly fley in the direction of the men.

One of the men leaned sideways after taking a few steps, avoiding the knife from burying itself into his head.

The sabre flew past his nose and when it grazed past his face, a certain mark engraved in the blade magnified before his eyes.

That man’s pupils shrank in terror feeling a chill down his spine.

Him, he is…..

His eyes widened in awe. He slowly peeked to the side just to confirm his suspicions. Luo Yibei just gifted him a faint glance and urged as if nothing has happened, “Go!”

Since they were given leave, the men limped away.

More than an hour later, everybody came back.

Leading them was a man with a young woman hanging on his shoulder. Her limbs were tied but that figure was somewhat familiar.

“Miss, we’ve already brought this lady back.” The woman on his shoulder was let down against the corner of the wall and the man turned his head to Fang Chixia, waiting for her next command.

Fang Chixia first scrutinized the men one by one then finally focused on the woman’s figure. She couldn’t help being taken aback.

Fang Fei!

“How do you people do things? Don’t you want your money? Let me tell you, if you move a finger against this lady, not only wouldn’t you get a penny, this lady will make sure you’ll rot in jail!” Fang Fei obviously was still ignorant to the turn of events. She berated the men with her chin high.

The group ignored her. Two men were responsible for keeping her captive. One of them closed in on her and tossed a dagger a few times in front of her face but did not graze her at all.

“Ah, what are you doing? Go away! Go away! I want you to deal with Fang Chixia, what the hell are you doing now?!” Frightened and turning pale, Fang Fei hung her head low, her panicked voice rung sharply with a fluttering sound.

She didn’t even glance in the direction of Fang Chixia and seemed to have not noticed her presence there.

With that said, the surrounding air cooled down a lot.

When her head stiffened up, her gaze struck the eyes of Luo Yibei.

Fang Fei shook. Her line of sight moved to his side and saw Fang Chixia standing not far away. Her head went blank for a few seconds.

She’s fine!

She actually suffered nothing at all!

“Did you especially asked someone to kidnap me just to treat me like this?” Fang Chixia asked indifferently, looking at her icily.

Fang Fei’s chin lifted up and proudly boasted. “What about it? Fang Chixia, I know you will never lay a finger on me?”


Chapter 181: Let your family be buried with you

She just hated Fang Chixia since childhood. And now that she had lost face twice because of her, her hatred upped to another level.

Initially when she was being brought here, she felt so scared but at the sight of Fang Chixia, her courage was again inflated.

The Fang Family has had many years spent on her upbringing. She didn’t believe she would really dare to ignore that fact!

Fang Fei’s confidence on this point was definite. She looked down haughtily on her with her chin pointed up that even the man beside her couldn’t wait to give a slap.

Fang Chixia stared coldly at her, her fingers biting hard into her palms, her fist clenching again and again.

Finally, she let them loose.

She has guessed correctly, Fang Chixia wouldn’t really do anything to her.

It wasn’t for the fear of crossing out years of love that she has spent with the Fang Family.

Fang Fei took in her reaction and smirked smugly.

“Don’t be too happy so soon. Don’t let this happen again or else, don’t blame me for retaliating!” Dropping that sentence, Fang Chixia turned moving towards Luo Yibei’s car.

Everyone’s patience has a bottom line. Since she didn’t regard her as relative, why should she tolerate her every time?

“Let me go!” Fang Fei watched her leave and screamed at the men around. She just wanted to struggle when Luo Yibei suddenly stepped over to her.

Fang Fei wasn’t afraid of Fang Chixia, but for Luo Yibei, she felt extremely frightened and even panic-stricken.

“You, what do you want?” Her body shrank back and studied him with some vigilance.

Luo Yibei stared condescendingly down at her, his eyes were too sharp as if they could penetrate her bones and pierce her to her marrows.

Fang Fei shrank even more and her body began shivering.

Luo Yibei stared at her for a while before warning her with voice as cold as ice. “I’m not as forgiving as her. If you mess with me one day, be careful or I will let the whole Fang Family be buried with you!”

Fang Fei gasped and her eyes widened in horror.

Luo Yibei smacked his lips coldly and strode towards his car.

Fang Fei was still in shock staring at his departing figure. Her whole body turned cold and long after they had left, she still stood woodenly similar to being locked  up in an ice cellar.

Luo Yibei’s warning was to ward off any other bad intentions she might have against Fang Chixia, she understood it!

Luo Yibei’s car left after that, directly to their villa, and didn’t go to the company.

He had been abroad for several days and there were piled up matters he had to deal with. After they arrived, he helped her clean up her injuries. Then he closed himself in the study room and didn’t open it for a long time. Even in the middle of the night, the door hasn’t opened.

Fang Chixia didn’t bother him. In the evening, he didn’t return to their bedroom so she hit the bed early.

It was just that, in the middle of the night, she woke up in hunger.

She crept down the floor, turned on the lights in the dining room and kitchen then prepared some food for herself.

Afraid of disturbing him, she made sure that any noise was lowered down to the minimun, but, in such a quiet night, any movement will always be amplified several times.

Even up in the study, the sound of ping-pong and raucous downstairs could be heard.

Fang Chixia seemed unaware of it herself. Cooking a bowl of noodles for herself, she garnished it with a wealth of ingredients, seafood and vegetables.

After everything was ready, she sat down on the dining table.

She doesn’t eat much at night, but at this time, she was really starving.

One person facing such a large bowl of noodles that seemed appetizing, at the foot of the staircase, down came Luo Yibei.



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