EP – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Self-righteous fool

All her emotions have been brewing, ready for Ji Mo to announce the rejection of her plan.

Now, contrary to what she had anticipated, this outcome was something Ning Xiaofei had not thought of at all.

Ji Mo’s expression was still as stoic as before with not much of emotional fluctuation in between.

“I thought, I have made it clear enough.”


Pei Ruoxi stood up with the cacophony of her chair scraping on the floor.

“I’m not convinced! Ji Mo, you chose her plan, then you tell me, why is my plan not as good as hers?”

She lifted her left hand and pointed her pretty fingers with pale pink nail polish to the face of Ning Xiaofei while she narrowed her eyes on Ji Mo’s face.

Ji Mo calmly raised the plan of Ning Xiaofei in his hand.

“In this case plan, Ning Xiaofei has carefully analyzed the curren situation of similar columns. In addition to her proposal yesterday, she also proposed to invite successful people from different fields to conduct interiews. It won’t only attract audience belonging to different age groups but will also bring on a showdown on the show which in turn will make the show even more colorful. Our column doesn’t need a replica of any existing column and Ning Xiaofei’s case plan has fully met all my requirements together with the entire production team. At this point, her brainchild has almost everything we are looking forward to for our content. “

Pei Ruoxi was startled. She screwed her eyes on Ning Xiaofei.

“You stole my idea!”

“That’s enough!” Ji Mo barked. “At the meeting yesterday, you two have already shared some information and team insights can of course be used.”

He added sternly before lifting his hand and hurled the case plan in front of Pei Ruoxi.

“I didn’t think that the so-called top planners of A city would help you make such an idiotic plan. No wonder we have a lot of programs in this city but all of them are self-righteously ludicrous! Pei Ruoxi, it isn’t a day or two that you’ve been on TV business but still could make such a pretty messed-up plan. Did you think I’d use a plan that the whole world knows?’

This newly launched column will also maintain a sense of mystery while propagating. This year, the competition is fierce and in order to grab a rating, which TV station isn’t trying its best.

What kinds of tricks aren’t there?

Pei Ruoxi’s move was tantamount to revealing the trade secrets of the column, which is an industry taboo.

Pei Ruoxi’s face whitened all of a sudden.

“No……. No, they won’t……. They’re all my friends. They won’t sell me out!”

“How would I trust that?” Ji Mo snorted and a complex look flashed across his eyes. “Friends? You should choose your friends!”

Pei Ruoxi was tongue-tied.

Everyone within the four corners of the room, when they heard that,  also understood Ji Mo’s hidden meaning.

The looks that passed towards Pei Ruoxi were laden with a little more disdain.

So far, the column has always mobilized hunger marketing approach. The name of the column has just been externally publicized, followed by how big the investment was, then how strong the line up was… but the specific content of the column has not been mentioned.

Pei Ruoxi approached these people but just to help her write a good plan. In a sense, she sold this column for her own sake.

Now, it was most fortunate that Ji Mo found out about it and rejected her plan.

Ji Mo’s fingers tapped on the plan on the table. “Now, I’m officially announcing that Ning Xiaofei will be solely responsible for the content of the first phase of the show.”

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