EP – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Middle finger

When Pei Ruoxi suddenly lost her opponent, she wasn’t willing to chase after Ning Xiaofei in the eyes of the public. She immediately harrumphed and stomped her way back to her office with her assistant.

Ning Xiaofei leaned on the wall by the water dispenser, watching Pei Ruoxi leaving in a huff and smiled with a malicious glee.

These days, she hasn’t been to the Ji’s home so she was a bit out of practice.

Being exposed to derogatory remarks multiple times a day, she has long been accustomed to it…..

In the Ji house, she alone had to fight with his uncle and his family. She’d been with them for so long that her combating skills were naturally more than enough.

Everyone prepared for the meeting. Ning Xiaofei drank her glass of water, picked up her resignation letter on the table and walked into the conference with Zhang Yue.

Pei Ruoxi also walked in a moment later and was immediately given the lead seat on the left. She was very polite as she took her seat but her eyes tilted, and glanced at Ning Xiaofei who was sitting in a corner.

Ning Xiaofei smiled back, picked up her resignation letter in her hand and raised a middle finger behind it, facing her direction.

Seeing her finger, Pei Ruoxi’s emotions which had just calmed down got out of control again. She got up all of a sudden, stood up and pushed her chair back.

“Ning Xiaofei, are you not done yet?”

Ning Xiaofei put her resignation letter down and stood up innocently.

“What is Miss Pei talking about? I… I didn’t even say anything, how did I offend you again?”

“You… You think I didn’t see it!” Pei Ruoxi raised the middle finger of her hand, “What did you mean by that?”

Her finger just made it into the air when Ji Mo opened the door and walked in. The middle finger was pointing to his face and in Ji Mo’s eyes, Miss Pei hurriedly retracted her finger.

Ji Mo glanced sternly at everyone before taking his seat.


Everyone immediately put away their eager faces for a show and prepared themselves.

“I’ve already studied the two case plans and I can see that the two of them have carefully prepared it and each has its own merits.” Ji Mo tapped the folders in front of him. “Last night, I also communicated with Producer Xu and also talked with him just now in the office. Considering our intention to hold a festival, from social influence, ratings, audience positioning. etc…… We have discussed the final results, taking into account the comprehensive situation of various aspects.”

Pei Ruoxi immediately sat upright, preening like a proud peacock, raising her chin slightly and waiting for her victory.

For this case plan, she has hired several familiar planners to come up with suggestions. This case plan was the essence of several of A city strategists assembled with her own experience. They spent the whole night sorting it out and a victory result was within her expectation as early as they were making it.

Compared with Pei Ruoxi’s desire to win, Ning Xiaofei wasn’t paying careful attention at all.

She has already given up since last night.

Now, she was only waiting. At the time Ji Mo announces her failure, she would just push her chair back, walk prettily in front, smash her resignation letter at his stinky face and then with a sigh would say, “This grandma quits,” then leave with the eyes of the crowd trained on her……

“Now, let me announce, the final selection from this two case plans is…” Ji Mo picked one of the planning cases, “Ning Xiaofei!”

Hearing this name, the entire conference room was in a state of dumbfoundment, all except Ji Mo.

“Me?” Ning Xiao Fei stood up a little overwhelemed, “You… You really are going to use my plan?”

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