Chapter 176 & 177

Chapter 176: Kidnapped

Fang Chixia finally found out why he left several days later after accidentally listening to Shi Jinyang mentioning something related to Rongxi.

He went abroad to Italy!

It was a bit of a relief knowing where he was but she found herself feeling inexplicably restless at him disappearing without a word.

But then again, both of them have no love for each other, so wherever he goes, there was no reason to inform her about it.

With this in mind, the discomfort in Fang Chixia’s heart was swept away.

With Luo Yibei’s absence, she was left all alone in the huge villa.

Being alone in such a big place was inevitable.

During the day, the feeling of loneliness couldn’t be felt as she was with so many people in Rongxi. When she arrived home at night, hearing herself walking up and down the spiral staircase, the sound of her footsteps rang particularly¬†loud around the room, the feeling was specially potent.

She was in fact accustomed to this kind of existence even before the marriage with Luo Yibei.

But this time, after his sudden departure, she was a bit uneasy.

She found no reasonable explanation for it but after pondering, she concluded that this feeling was tied to being used to living with another person. Feeling uneasy was normal when the other suddenly disappeared.

Not taking things to heart, early the next morning, she got up and as usual, prepared a packed lunch for herself then went out.

Transport within their villa was not that convenient and she had to walk a long distance before she could get to a public transportation. With the street so remote and some nearby boulevards, pedestrians were rarely seen.

Hiking the long way, she finally reached the bus stop. She was waiting for the next line when a black van suddenly parked in front of her.

The car door was opened and several chunky men got out and approached her.

“Who are you?” Fang Chixia took several steps back vigilantly.

“Aren’t you going to find it out later?” A man with a knife scar on his face motioned at his helpers behind him. Several men moved forward and blocked Fang Chixia’s escape. One covered her mouth and dragged her to the van.

The man was fat and strong. Fang Chixia found no room for struggle.

After being taken into the van, her wrists were tied.

Fang Chixia peered at her tied hands and found just what happened inconceivable. She was kidnapped!

She was just a poor student and has not offended anyone. Was there any value in kidnapping her?

Her mind went blank for a moment. She turned to the side to call for help but found not even one pedestrian passing by.

“Yo, girl, who did you want to call? It’s already too late. Let me tell you, nobody can hear you outside even if you tear your throat out!” One of the men noticed her attempt and loudly imparted.

Fang Chixia was absolutely terrified but thinking back on the gun battle in Sicily she had gone through with Luo Yibei, how could this compare?

Calming herself down and maintaining her composure, she stared at the buildings out the window quietly, secretly taking note of the direction they were heading to while the men in the van chatted.

“Big brothers, you know very well that I can’t escape. If so can you tell me who instructed you to do this?”

“Why are you asking? Won’t you know once you arrive?” One of the men replied impatiently.

Know when she arrives?

So the one who instigated this will make an appearance before her?

Chapter 177: Negotiations

A bad premonition rose in Fang Chixia’s heart.

How much courage was needed to this brazen?

Fang Chixia’s sense of crisis grew even stronger. Going along the man’s statement, she said, “Since I’ll know when we arrive, what’s the difference if you tell me now?”

There was truth with her words but the men were still unmoved.

Fang Chixia felt helpless and remained silent for a while. Then she tried again.

Eyes turning forward, she began to convince the few people, “If you don’t, tell me then how much that person paid you, I will pay double!”

Afraid that they won’t believe her, she fished out the necklace on her neck, “Do you doubt a person who can have this kind of necklace? As long as you let me go, the money will arrive the next day!”

Her necklace design might look simple, but the ring on the pendant, even if you’re not an expert on quality goods, you could perceive it’s nobility and uniqueness.

The diamonds on her pendant are black. Black diamonds are very rare and worth more than ordinary diamonds.

When the few men saw the diamonds, their eyes lit up.

One of the men tried to snatch it but was evaded by Fang Chixia.

Holding on to her necklace tightly, she calmed her face and surveyed the men again, “What if you snatch my necklace now? If you release me, I can give you a price several times higher than this necklace. You will only earn a fortune without any loss, what do you think?”

The men were struck with her offer. One warmed up with the idea¬† and excitedly turned to the leader in front , “Boss, what do you think?”

“You are stupid!” The leader reprimanded and gave him a look he had never seen before.

These people aren’t for the money. But since Fang Chixia has said such a thing, why should they extort just that amount of money from her, why not extort more?

Fang Chixia calmly observed the two exchanging looks and her heart thumped.

It seemed that she underestimated the greed of this group of people.

The car continued on the road. Watching the car getting farther and further away from the city center, her heart grew even more heavy.

She had to find a way to save herself before she meets the instigator.

Since he had the guts to appear before her, this indicates that the instigator has the ability to settle this kidnapping. Either he wasn’t afraid of the police or that other party didn’t intend to return her alive.

Such a person is loathsome. Just thinking about it, the restlessness in her heart grew stronger and stronger.

She dared not to raise prices with these men. Not to mention that she has no money at all, the only card on her was Luo Yibei’s.

Besides, she doesn’t know how much money was in it.

What if it wasn’t enough?

She wanted to fumble for her phone to ask for help but her hands were tied up.

As Fang Chixia felt more and more anxious, the car finally stopped before a nearby building.

The men got out of the car first, and then took her in.

She doesn’t know if it was due to the conversation earlier, on the way inside, the men treated her less violently.

After entering the room, they even arranged a chair for her, but her hands and feet were kept tied.

The leader moved a chair and sat across her putting forth his own condition. “Call the people you know. The money must be transferred first. When the money is deposited, we will let you go.”

“How much?” Fang Chixia’s heart tightened. She was clearly thrown off balance but her face remained impassive.


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